Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesday - Lexi

Let me just start off by saying that Lexi started this shoot out telling me she wasn't very good on pointe... This was one of her FIRST images that I took. Needless to say, she was amazing on pointe. She brought some different and innovative poses that I hadn't seen any other girl throughout the workings of my project try out. She was willing to take risks, and test out her limitations. What photographer DOESN'T like a subject like that :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday Feet - May 27th, 2011

amy -"I got new shoes this week! The blue one is new. :) i'm also going to get a new bathing suit for abalone diving next week! Super excited about that too! Next week is all vacation and it's going to rock."
emily - "i hit the jackpot at our graduation party! Spun the 200 per letter on the wheel of fortune game at john's incredible pizza, winning 2400 tickets! Alas, I didn't get the 5 ticket bonus for getting the phrase correct at the end. but hey. 2400 tickets is good enough for me!"
jenny - "The feet finally remembering to show up in a picture, on their way home from jake's grad at ssu. Ive always loved the eukalyptus trees on lakeville highway..."
kasey -"Laura and my gangsta self at her super awesome casa watching red vs blue while drinking some bahama breeze. All after a tiring day of swimming. Good Saturday"

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emily & Joe - Lovebirds

Tuesday night I got home, checked the weather figuring everything would be fine and dandy, just like the rest of the week had been. I pulled up the site, and that's when I saw it. Rain at noon. Our shoot was planned for 10, so we would just have to be epic storm chasers and race against time. Yesterday, as I was heading out the door to go to the shoot, I got a text from Emily saying it was already starting to rain. With a quick location switch, we managed to stay mostly dry, as well as still get photos done!
I've known Emily for years - and by years I mean nearly 15! We were in the same dance class most of our lives, and now our siblings are both graduating this year (you saw her sister Abby a few weeks ago). She's been with her boyfriend Joe for nearly five years now, so it was about time that I was able to photograph them.
We were originally going to shoot at the Sculpture Park in Roseville, but when the rain started coming down, we switched to Vernon Street. Starting off with Tower Theater helped shield these two from the rain. Me? I didn't mind getting wet at all :)Love this one! Super fun colors of the building plus a super fabulous couple. What more can a photographer ask for?
Headed around the corner to my favorite teal parking garage.
Lookin' good as always!
Another super favorite! I think this was about the point where we weren't sure if the stranger was talking to me as I was standing out in the rain or to someone on his bluetooth... either way, these two rocked it out!
Although it was a fairly short session due to the rain, I had a blast working with these two! Hopefully one of these days CA will catch on that it is almost summer and give me some nice weather to work with!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Josh & Holly - Senior Ball 2011

You've seen Josh quite often on here (I'm sure more often than HE would like to be true), but the last time you saw Josh & Holly was nearly two months ago when they went to Junior Prom with each other. This time, I convinced them to meet me down at Capitol Park for their shoot after they had dinner, and we spent some time walking around taking photos wherever we could find fit. Unfortunately, it got dark SUPER early due to some storm clouds rolling in, but we made due with what we could!oh, those band kids... ;)
this next one is quite possibly a favorite. if not THE favorite from all of them :)
Holly looks fabulous as always... and Josh manages to clean up well for a night on the town.
I left out the action shot, due to dark plus action blur... but there was definitely some "Singing in the Rain" action going on involving heel clicking and spinning around lamp posts.
Hope you two had an excellent time at Senior Ball, and congratulations on graduating high school next week!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesday - Becca, Lexi & Aria

I had another opportunity to work with multiple ballerinas, and so I jumped at the chance to incorporate them together as much as possible! Becca found me two of her friends and we spent an evening in Roseville shooting around some different locations and trying a whole bunch of different options. I had a blast creating images such as this one, and finding new ways to combine the dancers in with their surroundings.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk20

well, five years of school, and it is finally over! The past two years shot by, and I feel like my end at Sac State came RIGHT after I started there! I'm so glad I was able to take the classes I was (and NEVER had to fight with trying to sit in and add a class) and they helped me have a better understanding of photography. When I started at Sac State, I didn't plan on making close friends, but I'm super glad I did. With the major I chose, I had so many classes with the same people, It wasn't hard at all to get to know each other both inside the labs, as well as spending time outside of the studio. Now I can say I have friends from northern California, as well as southern California, all the way across the country to New Jersey. I thank you all for making my time at Sac State what it was, and cannot wait to begin the journey I will embark on now building myself stronger as a wedding photographer :) And a BIG thanks to those who have supported me throughout all five years of college. Too many to list, but I think you know who you are :)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Feet - May 20th, 2011

amy - "I'm cleaning house today as we are leaving this weekend to go to cali and i love coming home to a clean house!"emily - "last day of finals began the first day of the celebratory weekend. first event, jenny's birthday bash! we ate sushi & snuck large cupcakes in to the theater to watch bridesmaids. super fun!"
jenny - "birthday feet enjoying a pedicure and a cupcake in the movie theater"
kasey - "Look what I found in the commissary!!!! PICKLE CHIPS!!! I haven't had these since our Wyoming trip in '07! I am way psyched about this!"

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jacob - Class of 2011

From our long lineage of cousins (the whopping six of us) on my mom's side, I'm 99% sure we all lettered in something. Sure, I got my varsity letters in band, but that's just how I roll. My letters sit in a shadowbox in my room, attempting to gain oohs and ahhs from anyone who sees them. which is only me, but still. Jacob however, lettered in Cross Country, and got himself a letter man jacket. My aunt asked me to "document" this jacket, in case it ends up never worn... Which I hope isn't so! I expect Jacob to wear this thing 24/7! When we did the cap and gown photos of the two of Josh & Jacob, we also these. I needed a reason to bust out a chair, and I thought this would be perfect. And it was.see, I'm thinking this jacket will come in excellent use this summer... since we had so many random cold and wet days this past week... who KNOWS what june and july will have in store. flash floods perhaps? knock on wood...
Managed to even incorporate the back of the jacket in there! Although, I think his Viking person should have worn a tutu, or even some ballet shoes to show the dance side of his life ;)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Josh & Jacob - Class of 2011

Five years ago (wow... was it really that long ago?) my cousin Ben and I had our cap and gown photos together. Mine were black for Del Oro, and his were red for Victory Christian. We had some odd ones, if I recall correctly, but they served their purpose for the relatives. Now, our brothers finally have come to their time to have their cap and gown photos together in their respective colors. We shot these a few weeks ago at Mission oak park in Carmichael, along with some photos of Jacob in his letterman jacket (those to come tomorrow!).gotta have the "back to back" cousinly pose. I swear we have one of these from nearly ever dance recital growing up. Must keep the tradition up!
After graduation, Joshua is headed off to Sierra College in Rocklin, while Jacob will head to my soon to be alma matter Sacramento State. Not sure either of them have a decided major, but no shame in that! It took me over a year of community college before I knew photography was what I wanted to do :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesday - Dallis

I had posted on Facebook awhile back, trying to figure out what exactly the Old Sugar Mill was, and whether it was worth taking a ballerina out to for my project. After great response from a few local photographers, and then figuring out a ballerina that would be able to go out there, we made it happen! This place was EXCELLENT and full of so many options to use. Dallis did an awesome job, and created some photos that I had a SUPER hard time choosing from. This location has become one of my favorites to shoot at (so much, that i had MY "senior" portraits taken there by Ariana) and I would love to go back there again soon!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk19

The time finally came. A semester full of hard work, photographing multiple shoots on the same day, and editing time and time again has finally paid off. Friday, I "escorted" 13 ballerina prints down to campus to turn in for the final portfolio. My last photography project as a college student, and I could not be happier with the final production. Regardless of whatever "grade" I am assigned for my project, I would not change a single thing that I did throughout the whole process. Well, except for maybe photograph some more ballerinas :) Busy week to come, and then its time for celebrations!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday Feet - May 13th, 2011

amy - "I was out weeding today! It's been such a pretty week! Though We're supposed to get snow this weekend. What the heck? Also finished school for the summer! Woo!"emily - "my senior year is winding down to an end... how strange. this week ALL of my ballerina prints arrived and also had to be turned in. i'm SUPER happy with how they look, and at this point, i don't care what "grade" i get on them, since they're my work and my thoughts are what should matter :)"
jenny - "Feel good food and movie night"
- "So Rosa tells me she have a present for me at the thrift store where she works and always finds adorable things. I walk in and she lifts up this enormous elephant plush. i was so excited i almost cried! Thanks Rosa ♥"

Banana Cherié - Springtime

This post was supposed to be yesterday, and according to my networked blogs app it DID post... but I guess I never checked here in order to see that the post itself was in fact missing! So here is attempt two, and hopefully it shows up this time :)
Lisa went all out for Easter gear for her sister Bekah and daughter Lorelai this year. She made everything from easter hats to ruffley clothing to coordinating jewelery. We did a quick shoot at the same time we did the photos of Kent, and here are a few from the bunch.when getting this post ready, i came to find i had ZERO pictures that showed Lorelai's dress in it's entirety... so you'll have to make due with this cute profile picture...
and some cute little ruffle bottom feetsies

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ariana & Rob - Lovebirds - Part 2

i'm amazed through all the chaos that has come upon me this week, that I managed to keep my blog up to date as promised! So without further delay, here is part two of Ariana & Rob's shoot!when life gives your stairs, love them. love love love them :)
yes! this is the same park as the last post! it was full of SO many opportunities, and had different locations that went perfectly with their outfit choices. Kudos to you, Ariana!
I just love this next one. Reeses looks so chill (and he knows this session was really ALL about him)
Thanks again you two for an awesome morning out in Auburn! Sorry I'm lacking my usual amount of words this post. I'm down to the wire for my final 9 days of my college career! Wish me luck!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesday - Abby

Abby was "lucky" enough to be another rainy day ballerina. We met in Rocklin at this Temperance Hall, and used the overhang to our advantage as much as possible! We tried a few other places just down the road, but I just loved how different this building looked compared to all the rest. And of course, Abby did an excellent job in the cold, the wind, and the rain :)