Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Jenna & Ben's Helwig Winery Wedding - Plymouth, CA

What is there to say about Jenna & Ben.  They were downright fabulous.  I didn't get a chance to mix and mingle with this amazing couple and get to really know them in person until their big day due to them living in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, but thanks to social networking, I felt like I knew them already.  The day was hot and smokey, with the Sands Fire just miles away from the venue, but Jenna & Ben didn't sweat it one bit.  Their love was strong, and the excitement they had for their wedding day finally happening was clear to anyone that was around them.  I couldn't help but smile when I saw them together.  The day kicked off with Jenna & her girls, followed by a special first look.  Not with Ben, but instead with the two men in her life who helped her grow in to the gorgeous young woman she is today...  Her dads.
After Jenna got tucked back away, it was time to meet up with Ben & his guys, and then begin some of the group photos of this fun, energetic group.
Time zoomed on by, and before we knew it, guests were arriving and it was time to get these two married!
The reception area was set up fabulously, with so much attention to detail. It was simple, clean, and classy. Quite a dream to photograph, that's for sure. The bridal party danced their way in to the reception, and the newlyweds were welcomed with open arms full of excitement for the journey they started together just moments before.
After the toasts were made, and the first few dances were danced, we snuck out to the vineyards around sunset to get some portraits of these two. Adorable, right? Despite the smokey haze that began to spread over the evening, a gorgeous sunset over the hills was the result. Once the sun was out of reach, it was back to end the party with some games, cake, and dancing until Sweet Caroline sent them on their way.
After their gorgeous wedding day, Ben surprised Jenna with a honeymoon to Belize! How cool is that? I am so thrilled that I got to work with this fantastic couple thanks to Jenna's bridesmaid Natalie sending her my way. They really brought their Pennsylvania "heat" over to California that day and made sure their wedding day was a day to remember. I wish these two the best on their new life together, and cannot wait to see where life takes them.