Wednesday, November 7, 2012

D & Z's Backyard Wedding - Sonoma, CA

This year, I have been exceptionally lucky as a wedding photographer.  I've been invited to second shoot with a wide variety of photographers from the area which has also allowed me to travel to areas I hadn't been before to work.  This wedding was no exception to that.  I was invited along to Sonoma with Kirsten Tamme of Kirsten Julia Photography a few months ago for an intimate backyard wedding.  We started off the day at separate locations, Kirsten with the girls while I started with the fellas at Sonoma Hotel.  The entire day was easy going, and the bride and groom could not have been more enjoyable to work with!
Once the guys were ready, I headed through town to the ceremony was going to be held and met up with Kirsten to continue photographing the girls as they finished up getting ready
The couple had a little moment together before the ceremony, but weren't tempted one bit to sneak a peek at each other.
The flower girls were SO CUTE. They did excellent on their "practice walk" down the aisle.
The guests began to arrive, and then it was time to get these two married!
The reception was held right around the corner of the house in the spacious backyard. Seriously such an amazing venue that was hosted by the groom's uncle.
The couple was told they wouldn't need a tent, because it NEVER rains in Sonoma in August. A few sprinkles came down just enough and made everyone run for cover while it passed through. Once it passed through, it was on to the dances where you could really see the love and excitement shine through the newlyweds.
I had a fantastic time working with Kirsten with this couple, and I couldn't thank her more for inviting me to come along with her. The day was spectacular, and a fantastic bride and groom made it even better!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Siara & Justin's Forresthill Bridge Engagement Session - Auburn, CA

Back in April, I did my second bridal show ever.  While it was overwhelming to say the least, it was definitely a worthwhile experience for the journey of establishing my business.  At that bridal show, I submitted a door prize of an engagement session for a couple to use.  Towards the end of the bridal show, an adorable young couple came up to me, introduced themselves, and said they won the prize.  I was super excited to meet Siara & Justin back in April, and after months of communication we finally got their engagement session happening last Tuesday.  Seriously, after all the e-mailing Siara and I have done, I feel like I'd known her forever, and that the engagement session was like meeting up with an old friend.
They chose the Forresthill Bridge as their location for the session because it has special meaning to them.  When Siara first came to the area, Justin took her there as the first spot to show her the "sights" of Auburn, and they have enjoyed going there ever since.  We made a little bit more of an adventure out of it, hiking around a dirt area off to the side and getting some FANTASTIC views.  Of course, these two were up for anything, as you can see with both of them dressed nice, and trekking through the rocks and hills in wedges :)
Uhm, seriously... can you say models? These two knew how to work it!
Alright... here come my favorites. If you follow me on facebook, you'll have seen that I couldn't hold off showing these ones as sneak peeks. I just LOVE the expression in their faces, and of course that dip is FANTASTIC. Love love love it!
Oh man, the views mixed with this adorable couple... I'm sure we could have gone forever if the sun wasn't disappearing on us.
No really, ALL these spots were just feet from the bridge. We didn't venture anywhere different to get all of these different background areas. Pretty amazing, right?
I had SUCH a blast getting to see these two again for the first time sinc April, and they were so great to talk with and get to know. I'm sure their April wedding in SoCal is going to be fantastic! Thanks again, Siara & Justin! I hope you love your photos as much as I do!