Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Feet - Oct 29th, 2010

it's our pre-halloween post, so nothing scary today! i do find it funny when we seem to run along a theme unintentionally - this week 3 out of 4 of us had pets in our pictures. what spooky things will you see next week? you'll just have to wait and see! p.s. next post will be on my birthday and amy, jenny & kasey's merry unbirthday! :)
- "Here is the front door of my house with all of my Dollar Store Halloween decorations. I'm SO excited for the Trick or Treaters this year! I'm wearing my pig socks because it's getting cold outside finally! YAY!"
emily - "this is what 'should have gone to the gym' looks like. lap cat while watching 'are you smarter than a 5th grader. why? because nothing else is on..."
jenny - "This is Bella, our rottie-mixed-with-something, who is around 2 yrs old and rather rambunctious. im still amazed i got her to lie still."
kasey - "I sat on the couch to sew a bit of Papa's costume back together, the string holding his wing came loose. So while I worked on it, he watched in curiosity. ♥"

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Newest Cocoons

so you saw this little cutie, right?well of course you did!
i loved how well it photographed, so i made three more this weekend :)
nevermind it meant that i was at joann's friday, saturday AND monday.
super easy to make and use, and i can't wait to get more babies to try them out. three new colors yearning for some sweet sleeping can tell the blue one has been baby tested (and approved!) by its stretched out-ness. but here are the four i've got done right now!i love how the edges make them look almost hooded sweatshirt like when baby is in them. and the yarn is SUPER soft. probably better than a snuggie, if you ask meso the four colors i have, left to right, are baby blue, zebra, posy pink, and a gray/white/pink combo. i'm thinking of maybe throwing together a red/white one for a christmas newborn theme. :) if you know ANYONE who is due soon, i'm looking for some newborn babies to test these out. send me an email at
fellow photographers, if you're interested in a cocoon of your own, send me an email and we'll chat!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Julie MayRee Photography giveaway

Julie MayRee Photography is having an INSANELY awesome giveaway!
over $1,000 worth in prizes.
seriously! super easy ways to enter.
to get started, click here!
its so worth your time :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday Feet - Oct 22nd, 2010

amy - "Everyone showing off their paws at home! This week was a very slow, unexciting week. Perhaps next week will be more fun. "
emily - "when i find things cute in my size... i just can't easily pass them up. can i profess my love for wal mart for having these slippers? they had the CUTEST pig ones too... but they didn't have those in my size :( oh. and the vacuum? yeah, i'm procrastinating room cleaning..."
jenny - "this is my rabbit, Lennie. He's nearing the 1 year mark and is getting rather corpulent. I think that him being a rather large bunny would be quite appropriate."
kasey - "I've been sick for a few days, so My feet are resting with me on the couch, warm and comfy in my awesome Bear Slippers."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photo Texture Giveaway

Jacqueline Photography has some pretty cool textures.
So cool infact, that inspire me baby is having a giveaway!
check it out here!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Kent (and new props!)

so on saturday i gave you a sneak peek at baby kent.
and now i'm finally able to give you a few more!
these are also the props either i made myself, or my mom made them for me.
plus i've been crocheting up a storm this past week to try and make some more too!
i've got a few holiday themed beanies made, and more yarn purchased to make more cocoons!
polka dot posh. your patterns ROCK
anyways. here is kent!
we tried so hard to get him to stay asleep. but he just wasn't feeling it. i suppose being stripped of your warm clothes and plopped in to a bean bag would do that to a tiny person. but still... he's just so super cute!love this. he just looks so cute and snuggly. and teenie tiny! i could just stare at these cocoon pictures forever. but doesn't that cocoon just look so comfy?little hands. so tiny. its been far too long since i photographed a little one. and i loved it! now if only i could bottle this tiny and use it whenever i wanted to try something new. and look at those little lips! oh. so precious.
haha. so i posted this one on my facebook page ( and its been quite a riot for my extended family. back awake after being taken out of the blue cocoon, we decided to give the hanging cocoon a shot. (don't worry. he's not in mid air like he looks. his bum is barely above the beanbag, and momma is to my left right out of frame) i love his little smirk, and that itty bitty hand on the edge. gah. love it.
if you're interested in a newborn session (which i would LOVE to photograph more babies!) or would like one of these props of your own, contact me for pricing at

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Meet Baby Kent - 10 days

more to come soon.
this i PROMISE this time.
i couldn't let this first one go un-posted.
i love love love it!
(and i love how tiny and itty bitty this guy was. WAY too long since i've held a bitty baby)
this is the cocoon my mom made using polka dot posh's pattern.
LOVE how it turned out, and how great it photographed.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Feet - Oct 15th, 2010

wow! can you believe this is our 6th week of feet? we've done some exciting things, and some no so exciting things... but we're still going at it! heres a look at what our feet did since you last saw us on the 8th!
amy - "We were out hunting birds and we kept finding these giant praying mantises all over! this one crawled on my boot and the opportunity was too much to miss! This was also the 3 one out of 5 we saw that day. This was also about 5 min before a bleeping wasp stung me. It has been terminated for its evil ways. Bwaha! We were so high we were looking down at the hawks flying the mountains. It was so pretty!"emily - "as you can see, i have gotten back to the point of having to share my bed with not one fat cat, but two VERY fat cats... one of which that is a grump when the other one enters his zone."
jenny - "this is me with my angel who is totally zonked out. so cute!"
kasey - "Took the puppy for a lone walk around Naurod, and stopped to take some pictures and play in the apple orchards. After the Papa found an nice apple to chew on, I played with the tiniest apple I've ever seen and took this shot :3 Happy Friday!‌"

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Props Previewing Soon!

Super Excited for this Weekend!
Not only do i get to be photographing baby kent, but i'll FINALLY get to use all my newborn props i've been accumulating!
in my storage i have a prop bed from picture me, llc
a one of a kind beanie from joco couture custom photography props
a teenie beanie my mom crafted for me
plus a hanging cocoon, newborn cocoon, and teddy bear ear flap beanie made from patterns purchased from polka dot posh
if you aren't already a facebook fan of these three awesome sites (or me!) please do so! you won't regret it ONE bit!
i'm very excited for what is in store this weekend!
there will be some newborn, some big sister and new born, and hopefully some family of four goodness going on in modesto!
stay tuned in the next few days for friday feet!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Banana Cherié Skirts & Accessories

Sorry for the hold up! Had quite a bit going on this week/weekend with the documentary and studio shooting for classes. But finally i bring you the last of the pettiskirts! One again, aimee and jewlie are super adorable, and you can't deny it :)jewlie had an uneasy start with this candy corn one. apparently she felt it didn't spin quite like the zebra ones... just wait, she'll prove you wrong :)aimee sitting pretty, and ready to be the pumpkin patch princess. (and can i just say i love this little stool i purchased? it has come to great use on many occasions!)
after 2 years of being hauled around in my car, i finally had a use for these funkins! (yes, that's right. they're funkins. fake pumpkins!) goes to show that adding props the correct way does NOT make an image look tacky.just wait for it... here is the jewlie spin! i love how even aimee in the background has a little swish going on with her skirt. these skirts truly are every little girl's dream. or even ariana's... she's 22. but thats a different story ;)if you are interested in ordering a banana cherié pettiskirt, or have any questions, please feel free to send lisa an email at
also! we will be at a second craft fair 10/30 and would love to see you there! the location is 6446 Sylan Road, Citrus Heights, CA from 10-3pm. we look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

2010 DOHS Marching Band Offer

hey band! (yeah?)
want to know how much i like you? (yeah!)
how does 50% off any photo session sound? (oh YEAH!)
in celebration of your oakmont competition, i'm doing this for you!
seriously. for a group that placed first in their division, second place not just in percussion and colorguard, but also overall. AND a point away from drum major kaitlyn placing... i think they deserve something for all their hard work!
i'm talking anything. senior portraits, family photos, you name it!
if you're a member of the 2010 del oro marching band, you can take advantage of this offer! session fees run $60 on average, but they can be yours starting at $30oh, and don't forget the homecoming dance is coming up november 6th.
why spend all your time waiting in line at the dance for just one photo, when you can get a full session before you go eat dinner, and see your proofs within the next week? your session fee can be split between the entire group, saving you even more individually! more portraits, on location, and proofs before anyone else! i will be booking sessions all day saturday, so email me now at to claim your space! keep up the great work, DOHS Golden Eagle Band, and i look forward to hearing from you! (50% offer valid until december 31, 2010)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday Feet - Oct 8th, 2010

amy-"It's finally cold! YAY! I'm trying to keep my little toes warm while doing homework. So far, so good."
emily- "we made a fun game of 'gotcha' this last saturday at the bella vista craft fair. lorelai is such a goofy little girl. i love the 'little person' she's become lately with her silly phrases and fun personality. oh, and did you see she's now a big sister? alas, no final preggo lisa pics from saturday. minus the ones lorelai took for me."
jenny- "Teddy is the world's best cat, and this is him giving my feet some love. ♥"
kasey- "I was out in the yard to get some some for warmth this morning when my puppy decided to be my footrest! Thanks Papa!"

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Banana Cherié Skirts & Accessories

i had SO many pictures from this shoot, i have to split it in to two posts. so here you have the first post of the zebra skirts... seriously, if my cousin had two girls now, i can totally see her coordinating her whole family in a zebra sort of theme for their next family photos. ESPECIALLY when these skirts are combined in to one super adorable sisterly love photo session :) aimee & jewlie's biggest sister and i met in kindergarten, and remained best friends forever! their big sister becca is the same age as MY little sister, and they are still in dance class together through our studio. AND aimee is one of my little dancers in one of the classes i teach. jewlie is the littlest, but definitely has a BIG personality. can you tell i've got the connections with these girls? without further aideu, here is the pink & purple zebra madness!these skirts are PERFECT for dance classes too... i have loads of girls who show up to class in them. looking for a dance class in the north highlands/sacramento area? check out joanna's kids r it. i've been with the studio since i was 3, and love it :)
again... i love this image. favorite favorite favorite.and of course, the girls each needed their individual time to shine... and spin. seriously. if spinning was a profession, these girls would be right up there!check out that spin factor! and here come cutie jewlie and her smile. aimee was standing earlier with her legs crossed quite similar, and jewlie had to give it a post you'll see of these girls will be in the candy corn skirts. and they're just as cute!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

whoa baby!

this post may end up all words, so please forgive me. :)
my newest photo model came in to the world today at 4:24pm PST. yep, baby kent is here to stay! happy and healthy, both baby boy and momma lisa are doing well.
photo session of the new family of four is scheduled for 10/16 (happy birthday to you, momma lisa) so by then you'll have some baby oogling to wait for!
but in the mean time, i've got to get my hands a crochet hookin' in order to make some hand crafted baby props for this kiddo to be the first trial run for. (patterns purchased from polkadot posh. check them out. super cute)
anyways, i cannot wait to start the regular photographing of this little guy, just like i did his now big sister! okay. i can't leave you totally hanging. i'll clue you in as much as i can of the cuteness of this little fellow. meet baby kent via cell phone picture :)and speaking of babies, suzanne over at blank canvas photography FINALLY had her little girl on monday. this must be a baby having sort of week! congrats again to both you mommas!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Sisterly Love - Banana Cherié Preview Post

still working on my edits, but here is a quick preview of a shot that i just LOVE. aimee & jewlie. two adorable girlies (one that's a student of mine at my dance studio) and you can just tell they loved taking pictures. just WAIT until you see the spinning ones to come :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Banana Cherié Skirts & Accessories

Kailyn was such a cutie! I haven't photographed a one year old in quite some time, and it was a refreshing session :) I hadn't seen Kailyn since Melissa's baby shower last year (aka, she was still in tummy) and i was SUPER excited to be photographing her. i missed the days where they just sat, smiled, and looked cute without too much of a care in the world. Kailyn did just that. Just chilled on her blanket with pooh bear by her side. get ready for some lack of teeth adorable smiles!
kailyn is such a good listener. i totally told her "can you grab the first layer, and help show off all the ruffley goodness of these skirts?" tyra would love how well she takes direction.
believe it or not (if you've known me for years, you'd know to believe) i used to hate pink... everything about it. but i can't get enough of it on baby girls. especially these pictures of kailyn with the zebra print!
cheerios are a wondrous thing. help bringing smiles to little ones since forever :)kailyn started getting fussy, but we made it all the way through! thanks so much melissa for volunteering your adorable little kailyn to come help model the skirts.