Tuesday, November 17, 2009

SYTYCD season 5 tour

last night marked the 3rd time the so you think you can dance tour hit arco arena. also marking the 3rd time i've battled to take my camera in to said venue in order to photograph this event.
i've grown up a dancer, and having this television show become such a success has made me want to continue on dancing. although, i am rather bummed all THREE tappers have been kicked off from this season (yes, i'm bitter about nathan&molly not going in the bottom 3 last week) within two weeks of results shows. Even so, the dancers were amazing last night at arco, and just a reminder of what (hopefully) is in store for this next season's dancers.
randi and evan were by far my favorite dancers this past season, in their cute and shortness. the photo you see here (out of my nearly 400 i took) is from "the butt dance" choreographed by mia michaels. even with it being the only dance performed by that couple last night, it was still a great performance and well worth it. so now, you can expect when i have nothing better to post, you'll see some little peeks of my favorite photos from the evening :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

on location available

what makes a portrait session with Emily at Freeze Frame much more personal than a commercial studio in the mall? two words. On Location.
these particular photos were captured at Royer Park in Roseville, but the possibilities are endless! Have a favorite park you love to take the kids to? Senior Portraits you'd love to have on campus? Are you a hip and happenin' downtown couple? Love the outdoors and water of Folsom Lake? Or do you happen to have an amazing yard that the family can run and play freely in? The choice is all yours! Sessions are still available, and you are more than welcome to take advantage of the "mini session" as previously listed, or e-mail me to discuss the possibilities of building a larger session.
Also note, Freeze Frame is not just for small Family portraits! I've had the experience of working in the previously mentioned commercial portrait studios, and have developed the skills to work with groups of upwards of 20+ people. Family reunions, Business Group for the office and even birthday parties for that teenage girl in your life are all considerable options! Don't be shy! Contact me with any and all questions regarding a session today!

lion & the lamb

and so the lion said "hello little lamb, may i give you a smooch?"
the little lamb agreed
and they became the best of friends
its not too late to get your photos done for the upcoming holiday season! siblings, friends, family groups, you name it, it can be done :) email me at emmaleigh.photography@gmail.com to get started! any location of your choice - within reason, of course. if i could, i would love to shoot family photos in disneyland for you ;) - and time for editing all included in the prices. capturing those memories, those silly faces, and that family bond for you to be remembered for years to come.