Monday, May 2, 2011

2011 Prom Shoot

I wanted to do a shoot that could serve two purposes. One, to help promote Senior Ball sessions this Saturday (May 7th) in the Sacramento area (exact location TBD) for Del Oro Seniors. I'll be out there photographing my "little" brother and his date plus friends, so why not offer it up to others? The second reason for this shoot? To have some fun on a Saturday afternoon! I mean, seriously? Who doesn't love a good reason to dress up fancy with your friends? I know I would! I gathered some juniors and seniors off my trusty facebook friends list, and made some plans! They brought a few friends, and we shot around the Griffith Rock Quarry for awhile and had a great time.the ladies got there first, so we got some fun "girls only" photos before the boys arrived. And the color coordination? totally unplanned!
Of course, had to have the girls gather around the first guy to arrive. That would be one prom to remember if this was really how their group was!
I found out I had a "for reals" couple in the mix, so I had to make THEM work it. and they sure did? Can you say adorable? (can you also say I love her dress?)
After this next shot, I informed them that this would be the cover for their next album. They're all a bunch of band/choir kids... so it is totally a possible endeavor!
I hope you guys and gals had as much fun as I did! It was sure nice to feel like I was back in the high school crowd again :) If anyone is interested in group rates for a senior ball session THIS SATURDAY, email me ASAP at to claim your space. only so many slots will be allotted in order to get a one of a kind session!

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  1. I would take any of those dresses! I'm pretty sure when I was in high school they didn't make them that cute! I might have to steal that purple one though. <3