Monday, November 29, 2010

what did YOU do this weekend?

this weekend was pretty eventful for me (and my camera!)
saturday, it was said to be raining, so i got a hold of my favorite jenny, and convinced her to come play in the rain between her work shifts. and she did! she has those super cute rainboots too, which made her rainy day playing all the better :) of course, we also had to do some intense puddle jumping (you can see the aftermath of it marked on her jeans) with a monsterous puddle on the corner of a fairly busy road. we were cold, she was soaked past her knees, but it was fun!
Sunday, i headed out to newcastle to photograph another friend from high school and her four-year-old horse. mind you, i've never photographed horses before, or have even been around one for a prolonged period of time. so this was DEFINITELY a new experience for me.we shot all the photos on location at the ranch sam boards her horse at, and might i say, the opportunities were endless! if it weren't for a tired out horse, and my freezing fingers, we probably could have shot for hours! so, with that said... how did you spend YOUR weekend?

Friday, November 26, 2010

Friday Feet - Nov 26, 2010

we had a birthday this last weekend! kasey turned the big 23 on saturday, and was lucky enough to celebrate! along with birthdays came thanksgiving break. some of us got snow, some of us got the opposite of snow and went to the beach. and some of us spent a few days at the movie theaters.
amy - "snow! Finally! Just looking at my new snow in my pjs before school!"
emily - "movie night with jenny! we got some girl time (since we missed out on carpet mountain this week) and had another 'date night' with each other. tonight we dined on wendys and hit up the theater to see'morning glory' with harrison ford and rachel mcadams. great movie, hilarious one liners, an awesome soundtrack, and a wonderous evening with one of my favorite people :)"
jenny - "Campfire feet enjoying a chilly evening at dillon beach for thanksgiving"
kasey - "before the Arch de Triomph, before the Eiffel Tower and then atop the Arch." (if you click on the picture, it should enlarge so you can see the awesomeness better)

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

have i missed photographing large family groups? yes, yes i have! and 15 was SUCH a perfect number. although, we could have done with some slightly warmer weather so we could shoot outside... but i think with our frantic location searching, we pulled it off quite well. here is a sneak peek of the family group i shot this past sunday in one of their homes. sure looks like a tight squeeze, doesn't it? its okay, they all love each other ;)
happy thanksgiving everyone! hope you have a great time with friends, family, and everyone that matters most :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday Feet - November 19, 2010

amy - "i need to be doing things, such as homework and house work, but instead i'm taking a lesson from the dogs and taking it easy"
emily - "just another average mismatched sock day in the life of emily."
jenny - "here are harry potter friday feet. Me, chris, and chris' want! we're excited for the midnight show of deathly hallows pt 1"kasey - "started watching Ouran Academy Host Club in youtube, and i'm always trying to keep my feetsies warm. Thanks to my awesome Schnauzer socks from Amy, its easy ♥ "

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Don't Worry, I'm Still Here

I'm sure you're all wondering what i've been up to. Since there has really been nothing new and exciting to post, i'll show you! I've been up to my elbows in shooting for my college courses, and here is the collection from my last submission for studio lighting.
first, there were fortune cookiesand then along came some waffles and syrup.and then, i had to hit up my frequently used building for an architectural assignment at dusk. I don't know what i would do without you, performing arts center!last, i had to do an interior architecture shot, so i visited some model homes in rocklin and shot like crazy!This studio submission set is just HALF of what i've been doing the last few weeks. I'll try and share some of the documentary project i've been working on for my final project in that class. As well, i have a couple shoots coming up in the works to look forward to. A family group of about 15 (yay! i love large family groups!) and one of my high school friends and her horse. Super excited for what is to come, and hopefully i don't get rained out!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Friday Feet - Nov 12, 2010

amy - "Larry needs his feet picture taken! It was a very busy week the first few days, but a very lazy day these last few. :)"
emily - this past saturday we did some celebrating for my birthday (which was last friday). we went to dinner, and then to play lazer tag. here are my feet, along with all my celebratory friend's feet! (starting from mine, going clockwise we have branden, ariana, rob, luke, amy, jenny & chris) pretty much had an amazing birthday bash!
jenny - "hanging with Xena, my oldest kitty, on the deck in my mocciemoccies."
kasey - "My living room heaters don't work. In Germany, its freezing. therefor I'm always bundled up in layers and slippers. Here are my bear feet resting on my desktop while I entertain myself online. "

Monday, November 8, 2010

Preview - Jacob's Sr. Portraits

On Halloween, I did some photographing for my aunt in order to get the ball rolling on my cousin's Sr. Portraits. Here is one of my favorites, with more yet to come!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Friday Feet - Nov 5th, 2010

with halloween come and gone this past weekend, i proposed the idea of diptychs to my fellow friday feet-ers. they were down with it, so that we could show you our feet, as well as the costume of choice this year! so this may be the only time you see our faces and feetsies, unless i come up with some other brilliant plan. oh, and merry unbirthday to my three lovely friends and all you readers out there! the same can't be said for me :P
amy - "The bowl used to be overflowing. We got SO many Trick or Treaters by the last one I only had 10 pieces of candy left and i started out with over 200! It was so much fun!"
emily - "this costume idea actually started LAST year when i jokingly told my little sister she should be steve for halloween while we were in k-mart. to her dismay, i swiped the idea this year and ran with it. we held our monthly bowling night on the 30th, and here is the end result! i feel like i pulled it off in a very not man-ish looking way :)"
jenny - "Went out halloween bowling with my pallies this week. My costume was Wayne from Wayne's World. Creative, yes i know."
kasey - "Halloween presented a House Par-tay at our house. I decorated my toes in celebration. They were excited to be painted so nicely and were ready for their close up!"