Friday, December 31, 2010

Friday Feet - Dec 31, 2010

its the last day of 2010, and we still have feet! this week, our feet have been festive, bobsled, snowy and have visited loved ones at their snowy work place. hm. interesting that most of them involve a snowy situation. sure, my snow on the mountain was fake, but there WAS a yeti! hope everyone had a great holiday, and kick off a happy new years!
amy - "I built a snow man! The snow finally stuck long enough for me to do so. I will attempt to make a larger one on the morrow. Woo for snow men! Happy New Year everyone!"
emily - "wednesday was our final day at disneyland. and it POURED. of course, this meant shorter lines for things like thunder mountain railway and the matterhorn. there were even cast members using a shop vac on the bottom of the bobsleds in order to suck the water out."
jenny - "jennys feet went to the snow to seek the feet of their dreams. or some such nonsense."
kasey - "My happy Santa feet. An awesome Christmas gift from my momma ♥. My feet are getting ready for bed. Ready for new years eve tomorrow."

Thursday, December 30, 2010

back to reality

and i'm back from the happiest place on earth :)
be prepared for what i hope to be a whole ton of excitement for 2011!
i'm sorta ready to hit the ground running.
who is with me?!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Friday Feet - Dec 24, 2010

its christmas eve! and our feet have been mighty busy this week. (or even today alone... i admit friday totally snuck up on me this week, so my shot alone is from christmas eve) in exciting news (also categorized under "i begged for a future photo shoot" news) amy is now engaged to her amazing boy luke! super cute, gorgeous ring, fabulous couple :) here is the public CONGRATS to those love birds ;) and to start us off as usual, the newly engaged amy!
amy - "Getting ready to head to Winnemucca for the holidays! These are my "I'm engaged!" feet! Don't they look so happy!? ^^"
emily - "it's christmas eve. new pjs, presents under the tree. christmas day is just hours away!"
jenny -"this was taken at the Hollywood Studios park at Disneyworld, outside an awesome replica of Mann's Chinese Theatre"

Christmas Cookies 2010

christmas cookies are an interesting creation at our house... while some are "traditional" shaped, others... not so much. and the sprinkle decorations lead these cookies down a whole different road.
i mean seriously... where else would you find THIS variety of christmas tree shaped gingerbread cookies? not on martha stewart's blog, that's for sure! not to mention that these don't include the other shapes that were created... hippos, cat faces, dinosaurs and some hearts were also added in the mix. merry christmas eve, everyone!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Friday Feet - Dec 17, 2010

amy - "These are my Done-With-Finals-So-I'm-Playing-In-The-Snow Feet! What a wonderful day after the last day of school! SNOW!"
emily - "another boring weekday ending with a gym work out"
- "our swanky hilton fountain in orlando florida ♥"
kasey - "We get tons of snow overnight. Decided to make it my Friday Feet Shot. ♥"

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friday Feet - Dec 10, 2010

amy - "Gable is helping me do the 10:30pm. :P He is visiting here in Reno while Rue is at Grandma Dori's recuperating from a tooth extraction performed by the wonderful Dr. Williams. I couldn't live without a Whippet, especially since Luke is also gone this week. It would have been too lonely! I'm also preparing for Finals Week next week. *insert scary music*"
emily - "done with finals, its time to wrap, yo!"
jenny - "A lovely night of christmas light sight seeing"
kasey - "Woke up one morning with near 2 feet of snow outside. For this picture, i'm standing in our yard in the shallower snow. it comes to about mid-calf. On the driveway, my knees are buried. Yay for Winter!"

Friday, December 3, 2010

Friday Feet - Dec 3, 2010

hoorah! our first feet post of december. how crazy that we've made it this far already! with most of us gearing up for finals, our creativity may lack a little the next few weeks, but bear with us. we'll have some exciting feet plans once the holidays get closer :)
- "Rue and I just chilling on the couch. It's lonely here with Luke gone at training in Utah. Good thing I have Rue here to keep me warm! Nothing like some hot chocolate, a warm dog and organic chemistry to make an evening grand. ^^"
emily - "every year for my birthday, i get a macy's gift card from my aunt. i never shop at macys, so the last three years they have stockpiled. yesterday (12.01), i found boots. today, they became mine. boots originally priced $89.99. i left macy's with only $5.16 charged to my debit card."
jenny - "a haiku to go with my feet: autumn colors so vibrant/fall from the treetops/never could they displease me"
kasey - "snow feets"