Monday, December 30, 2013

Myers Family Portrait Session - Citrus Heights, CA

When I got the e-mail from the Myers family that they were interested in a family portrait update, I was beyond excited.  I love working with families over and over again, and I haven't seen these guys since their last portrait session two years ago.  Far too long, that's for sure :)
The moment I got out of my car, camera in hand, little Chloe was talking up a storm like no time had gone by at all.  We wandered through the park stopping here and there along the way and enjoying the colors as they began to turn from summer to fall.  Little Bobby had grown the most since the last time I saw him, going from a little tiny guy in a suit to a very VERY active little fella.  It's much more rewarding for things to on the go, that's for sure!
This bridge was fantastic.  The light was fabulous, the area all around it was unoccupied and we had free range to do as we pleased.  I think I'm beginning to love working on bridges as much as I love a good staircase.
Oh Bobby, your personality makes my heart smile.  Such a goofy little boy.
As the sun began to set, and their eyes began to capture the playground that was their reward for a job well done, I said my goodbyes to these little ones and their parents after a fantastic portrait session.  I was lucky enough to see them again when dropping off their photo order at their new home, and granted the full tour by Miss Chloe.  I am beyond thrilled to have such fantastic families that I get to photograph and welcome me in to their homes.  Though, I hope I don't have to wait another two years to see these guys again!
Happy Monday, Everyone :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Parkes Family Portrait Session - Orangevale, CA

I seriously hadn't seen these two since their wedding day last September, so when I got the e-mail from Michelle about scheduling their first family portrait session, I was ecstatic!  I love the ability that I am able to document such big moments in people's lives, and being able to see them grow over the years is so much fun.  After some quick planning, we met up last month and spent a little time documenting their brand new family of three.  It was so hard to pick just a few of my favorites from their family portraits, but I tried my best to whittle it down :)
Of course I had to get them each to take a moment for some mommy/daughter & daddy/daughter individuals.  I just LOVE the moment between Michelle & little Olivia, and then the precious little smile she gave when with Keith... Seriously, this little lady was as cute as can be!
Keith spotted a tree across the park that was at the peak of changing colors, so while on our way over we stopped in a little area that had amazing light. Add some amazing people, and whaa laa!
Oh I just love everything about this next one. I'll probably blow it up big and use it as a sample product for next year. So much love all over it!
And here we made it to our final spot, the awesome yellow tree. It was the ONLY tree in the park that we saw changing colors, and it was fantastic. We were able to get some great interactions between the new family of three, and all the while Olivia was such a trooper!
I'll leave you on this final one, which after the fact I realized it was very simaler to one from way back during their engagement session! It will be so much fun to continue to recreate this pose as their family grows year after year :)
It was so fantastic to see these two (now three!) again, and I cannot wait to watch them grow year after year.  I'm already super excited for the family portrait idea we talked about for next year ;)  So much fun, and I love how everything turned out! <3

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Paige & Eric's Old Sacramento Engagement Session - Sacramento, CA

Back in June, I had my Summer Lovin' Giveaway, and this super adorable couple was the winner!  I met Paige & Eric face to face on the day of our engagement shoot, and they were as cute as could be.  These two met in college down at Santa Barbara in a dance class.  Obviously, when I heard that, I knew we were meant to work together!  Watching these two interact throughout the session was so much fun, and boy were they photogenic even through the heat.  I'm sure I told them they were "perfect" & "adorable" a million times, as well as that everything looked "awesome."  I've teased their friends & family over facebook through the sneak peeks over the last few weeks, and now FINALLY, here is a blog post full of their adorableness.
The way Eric would look at Paige anytime he got a chance just melted my heart.  You could feel the love between these two from miles away.
These next two sets are quite similar... but I love them all so much I just couldn't choose which one to not post!
I just love the variety we were able to get out of using Old Sacramento as our shooting location. We had a little bit of nature, followed up by trains, rustic & urban all within walking distance. Love, love, LOVE it!
This next one is by far a FAVORITE. So much lovey perfection right here :)
Eric mentioned wanting to do a dipping photo, because it was "their thing" so yeah, I HAD to let them dip.  And what's more romantic than taking a moment to dance in the middle of the street?
And then after that the dipping had to happen again... and again... and again... Not only was it "their thing" but they were total pros at it!  I should have brought some music to have them actually dance to :)
Oh Paige. You have such a classy look to you! Eric is one lucky fella. And I'm still SO in love with that necklace!
We ended our day with one last dip in front of these fantastic train doors by the Railroad Museum. It was such a perfect evening working with these two.
I can't even begin to thank these two for taking the time to enter in my little giveaway and being as awesome as they were with planning this shoot!  I wish you both the best on the rest of your wedding planning process.  If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask!  Paige & Eric, you two are super adorable, and I hope you had as much fun as I did :)

Monday, June 10, 2013

Are you ready for some Summer Lovin'? - 2013 Engagement Session Giveaway

I know, it's totally been awhile since I've hit the blog, but I'm hoping to get things going again soon :)  In the meantime, I've got a fantastic giveaway for you lovely brides to be!  Wouldn't you just LOVE to win an engagement session & 11x14 print of you and your fiance?  Well this "Summer Lovin'" giveaway is the place to be.  It's a super easy process, and you can enter any time from today through the end of the month!
To enter, send a short little e-mail with your favorite photo of you two love birds to with the following:
- Your name
- Your handsome fella/lovely lady's name (you grooms to be can totally be the one to enter too!)
- How did you meet?
- What is the best thing about your fiance?
- How did the proposal happen?  Was it silly? romantic? adventurous?
- When is the big day?
- What is the most important vendor for you to have on your wedding day?
- Describe your dream wedding in three words
Be sure to "like" Freeze Frame - Photography by Emily on Facebook & tell your friends as well :)
I look forward to hearing from all of you lovely brides!
Winner will be drawn at random & anounced July 1st :)

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Melissa & Trevor's Love Birds Session - Loomis, CA

I guess I should start off by prefacing this for all their friends seeing these... These really truly aren't engagement photos... this time ;)  All jokes aside, I spent a Saturday morning a few weeks back photographing this fun couple and had an AWESOME time.  Between all the goofy moments and sugar high fun, we got some great photos that show off Melissa & Trevor's personalities.  We kicked things off with some awesome leather jackets & Converse all star shoes on the streets of Loomis. All the years I have known Melissa, I don't think I can remember a time where she WASN'T wearing Converse! They rocked it for sure :)
A short trip up the freeway and an outfit change later, Melissa & Trevor were ready to rock it out again. This time, with a little nerdy flavor to the mix.
Melissa sure knew how to work it. The "wind blown" work was totally in her favor without even needing a giant fan to do it for us!
Seriously... let's just observe their cuteness... right here and now. and even more on the next one... Total favorites for this location!
The final stop was a spot I drive past on a semi-regular basis and had always thought how awesome it would photograph. Well, it turns out that the perfect outfit was saved for this location. A hint of R2-D2 blue worked perfectly. And yeah, more adorableness to come right here :)
And one final one, full of uber nerdy cuteness.
I had so much fun hanging out with these two and getting their adorable-ness captured forever. Thank you SO much to Melissa & Trevor for having me photograph them. It was great to see you guys again, and I hope you had as much fun as I did!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Megan & John's Love the Dress Session at Legion of Honor - San Francisco, CA

Here we are FINALLY at part three of Megan & John's photo sessions!  Part 1 & Part 2 were so much fun, and I'm SO excited for this third part to go public now.  When Megan and I originally talked, we bounced a few ideas off each other and she threw out the fact that she could still fit in her wedding dress.  Well, I was easily sold on doing a "Love the Dress" session with these two during our day in San Francisco, and the Legion of Honor was a fantastic location to do so.  We started off in a small grassy area just outside the building.
This next one is called "Megan & John were way too adorable, I couldn't choose just a few close ups... I had to put them all."
A golf course backed right up to the building, so we took advantage of the paths used for the golf carts down below the upper grassy area. The entire area is fantastic as far as structures and views go.
We got our chance to move in to the courtyard area with the fantastic columns, and the lighting was fantastic! And these two kept doing their thing, looking fantastic and adorable all day long.
I absolutely LOVE being able to capture those "in between pose" moments, such as this next one.
But seriously... these two are like a magazine ad! Love love love this next one! So much, it might just have to show up on my bridal show displays this year
And one last adorable one...
So sad to see these photo sessions come to an end, but I had so much fun hanging out with these two and getting some great images as well. I hope they had as much fun as I did!