Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Josh & Holly - Senior Ball 2011

You've seen Josh quite often on here (I'm sure more often than HE would like to be true), but the last time you saw Josh & Holly was nearly two months ago when they went to Junior Prom with each other. This time, I convinced them to meet me down at Capitol Park for their shoot after they had dinner, and we spent some time walking around taking photos wherever we could find fit. Unfortunately, it got dark SUPER early due to some storm clouds rolling in, but we made due with what we could!oh, those band kids... ;)
this next one is quite possibly a favorite. if not THE favorite from all of them :)
Holly looks fabulous as always... and Josh manages to clean up well for a night on the town.
I left out the action shot, due to dark plus action blur... but there was definitely some "Singing in the Rain" action going on involving heel clicking and spinning around lamp posts.
Hope you two had an excellent time at Senior Ball, and congratulations on graduating high school next week!

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