Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Ariana & Rob - Lovebirds - Part 2

i'm amazed through all the chaos that has come upon me this week, that I managed to keep my blog up to date as promised! So without further delay, here is part two of Ariana & Rob's shoot!when life gives your stairs, love them. love love love them :)
yes! this is the same park as the last post! it was full of SO many opportunities, and had different locations that went perfectly with their outfit choices. Kudos to you, Ariana!
I just love this next one. Reeses looks so chill (and he knows this session was really ALL about him)
Thanks again you two for an awesome morning out in Auburn! Sorry I'm lacking my usual amount of words this post. I'm down to the wire for my final 9 days of my college career! Wish me luck!

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