Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Erika & Matt's Engagement Session - Pescadero, CA

Erika & Matt... Where to begin? They met her second year of college when she transfered from San Diego to Sac State to be closer to home. Matt was the famed panini maker, and she was the cute girl taking the coffee orders at Java City in the campus Union Center. A friend told her to get dressed up and order his specialty chicken sandwich, and the rest is history. Two and a half years later, he completed her dreams by proposing on the beaches of Hawaii during her graduation trip with her family. The wedding is creeping up this June, and I just know it is going to be a fantastic day for all involved.
Now, this engagement session didn't quite go as planned. A few bumps in the planning road as we got closer made for quite an interesting start. We began the session at Pigeon Point Lighthouse in Pescadaro, CA and had high hopes for overcast skies at the most. Well, until the we started getting wet. Sea breezes and light rain were not a good mix! Even so, we pushed through, waiting it out inbetween a few photos here and there so we wouldn't get TOTALLY soaked. Even through all of the crazy wind and rain, these two rocked it out no problem! Love it when I work with fantastic couples :)

They're pretty dang adorable together, right?
As soon as we wrapped up at this first location, the sun FINALLY broke out from behind the clouds. We made our way back down Highway 1, and the fun just kept on coming! A quick outfit change, and we started getting down and dirty (literally!) for the second half of the session. Apparently February is an excellent time to go to the beach for sessions, because there was almost nobody there!
This next one is a total favorite. Don't be surprised if it starts showing up all over my sample products!
And here comes the bravery! These last few shots were so much fun to get.
To Erika & Matt: I am SO glad we got to work together, and take an adventure to a location I have never been before. Seeing you two together makes me happy, because you really do show what true love and marriage is all about. You are going to make one HOT bride and groom in June, and I am completely honored to be there as a member of your bridal party :)

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

2012 New Products - The Wedding Album

I'll admit, things are a little slow at the moment, but right now I'm in Las Vegas, Nevada for WPPI 2012! It's so hard to believe that it has already been a year, but here I am again! Even though I'm currently out of town, I could not let any more time go by without showing you my BIGGEST secret of a studio sample yet! 2012 brings lots of new things, but this year it also brings the creation of wedding collections, which some even include one of these gorgeous wedding albums!

I found out about this great album company through fellow photographer (who became my [b]school mentor) Raven Mathis, and because of a simple youtube video she created to share her sample albums with her clients, I was convinced! I ordered my sample album at the end of December, and mid January it showed up on my doorstep.
These albums are crafted SO incredibly well, I couldn't ask for anything better. Much like my guestbook albums, these pages lay flat. Instead of being individual pages though with a gap inbetween, the photos go clear across the page as one entire print. This allows for the images to not be chopped in half if I was to center an image to spread across both pages.

Not only are the prints and insides of these albums are amazing, but also the quality! They are bound just like a fine art book you would purchase in stores, but all about YOU! The pages are nice and thick. If you held this book in your hands, you would be able to feel the quality of it. It's seriously something that you can pass down for generations and not have to worry about it falling apart a few years down the road.
As far as customizing the album to suit your personality, the possibilities are plentiful! Different cover options, colors, detailing, and so much more! While at the tradeshow this week, I will definetly be visiting the booth for these great albums, and will be checking out to see what other sample possibilities I can bring to offer you!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day - Northern California Wedding & Portrait Photographer

With Wedding & Engagement Photography being my passion, I could not let Valentine's day go by without a shout out to all you love birds out there! Of course, it also allowed me to do a little sneak peek from this past weekend! Saturday I headed out to Pescadero, CA with a super fabulous couple to do their engagement photos! Despite the crazy weather at first, we had a fantastic time and here is one of my favorites we got on the beach! A full blog post of these two to come once I'm home from WPPI!
Now, since I have been watching quite a few movies lately, thanks to my Netflix account, I will leave you with a little list of "my first five valentines-ey/romantic/downright hilarious movies to watch this valentine's day, whether you are married, engaged, dating, or riding solo (much like myself!)
In no particular order:
1. Valentine's Day
2. The Notebook
3. Bridesmaids
4. Crazy, Stupid, Love
5. 27 Dresses
and a bonus if you would like a movie night out:
6. The Vow
I loved each and every one of those movies, and would watch them again and again! (Much like I do when 27 dresses shows up on the dish!) Got any exciting plans for tonight? Feel free to share in the comment box! Have a fantastic Valentine's Day, and I'll have more things to share with you soon!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

2012 New Product - Coffee Table Guestbook Album

This sample product right here is something I have been WAY excited about since I stumbled across the idea I don't even remember where. But anyways, what better way to have your guests leave you wishes and love on your wedding day than in an album full of your favorite engagement photos? That way, it's a one of a kind item, and no other bride will have a guestbook identical to the other.
I chose a classic and sleek black cover for this sample album, but there are so many more cover options! A wide variety of leathers that can be matched to your wedding colors, or even your all time favorite image can be placed on the outside of the album to show you off right away!
These albums are layflat, which means once you open the book and lay it on the table, the pages won't be flopping back and forth. No need to crease or smash the pages down just to get them to stay. The layouts are put together in such a way to accent the images, as well as leave your guests plenty of room to write without having to write over the actual images. Layouts will be created for you to review and make alterations. The albums will not go to print until you are satisfied with everything!
the way the book is bound holds everything in place and finishes off the professional quality of these albums. Of course, engagement guestbooks are not the only way these coffee table albums are able to be used. They are a perfect idea for a family portrait session, gifts for parents & grandparents, or even a first year album for the new baby! To book your consultation (and see the sample guestbook hands on!) feel free to contact me at photogbyem@gmail.com

Monday, February 6, 2012

First Birthday Celebration - Northern California Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Last Wednesday I made the annoucement on Facebook that it was my "first birthday" of being an actual business. Incase you missed the original annoucement, I put together some extra special savings that can be taken advantage of during the entire month of February. Be sure to check it out, because it's an opportunity that won't stick around too long!
For any questions regarding sessions, print orders, or setting up a consultation, feel free to send me an e-mail at photogbyem@gmail.com