Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jacob - Class of 2011

From our long lineage of cousins (the whopping six of us) on my mom's side, I'm 99% sure we all lettered in something. Sure, I got my varsity letters in band, but that's just how I roll. My letters sit in a shadowbox in my room, attempting to gain oohs and ahhs from anyone who sees them. which is only me, but still. Jacob however, lettered in Cross Country, and got himself a letter man jacket. My aunt asked me to "document" this jacket, in case it ends up never worn... Which I hope isn't so! I expect Jacob to wear this thing 24/7! When we did the cap and gown photos of the two of Josh & Jacob, we also these. I needed a reason to bust out a chair, and I thought this would be perfect. And it was.see, I'm thinking this jacket will come in excellent use this summer... since we had so many random cold and wet days this past week... who KNOWS what june and july will have in store. flash floods perhaps? knock on wood...
Managed to even incorporate the back of the jacket in there! Although, I think his Viking person should have worn a tutu, or even some ballet shoes to show the dance side of his life ;)

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