Thursday, May 5, 2011

Kent - Children's Portraits

Last time you saw Kent, he was just a wee 3 month old, and boy has he grown. I kept telling Lisa he needed to work on his sitting up skills in order to be successful for his 6 month photos to be different from his 3 month photos. He was a good little fellow, and listened to his momma. We took advantage of being at grandma's house on easter to get some photos of him before he hits the 9 month mark in a few months! Here are a quick few for you enjoyment :)
sitting up like a pro!this one, he kinda just plopped over, and I liked the idea of having a totally different background than the bush we were using, so I went for it... and LOVE the result!
if you look close, you can see an itty bitty baby tooth in there :) Turning in to such a big boy!
Laying on his tummy in grandma's front yard. He seemed to be enjoying the feel of the grass between his fingers :)
And there is your baby Kent for the time being! He'll be 9 months in July, so it won't be too long before you see his little face again. Perhaps we'll teach him some new tricks to work on :)

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