Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Josh & Jacob - Class of 2011

Five years ago (wow... was it really that long ago?) my cousin Ben and I had our cap and gown photos together. Mine were black for Del Oro, and his were red for Victory Christian. We had some odd ones, if I recall correctly, but they served their purpose for the relatives. Now, our brothers finally have come to their time to have their cap and gown photos together in their respective colors. We shot these a few weeks ago at Mission oak park in Carmichael, along with some photos of Jacob in his letterman jacket (those to come tomorrow!).gotta have the "back to back" cousinly pose. I swear we have one of these from nearly ever dance recital growing up. Must keep the tradition up!
After graduation, Joshua is headed off to Sierra College in Rocklin, while Jacob will head to my soon to be alma matter Sacramento State. Not sure either of them have a decided major, but no shame in that! It took me over a year of community college before I knew photography was what I wanted to do :)

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