Thursday, May 26, 2011

Emily & Joe - Lovebirds

Tuesday night I got home, checked the weather figuring everything would be fine and dandy, just like the rest of the week had been. I pulled up the site, and that's when I saw it. Rain at noon. Our shoot was planned for 10, so we would just have to be epic storm chasers and race against time. Yesterday, as I was heading out the door to go to the shoot, I got a text from Emily saying it was already starting to rain. With a quick location switch, we managed to stay mostly dry, as well as still get photos done!
I've known Emily for years - and by years I mean nearly 15! We were in the same dance class most of our lives, and now our siblings are both graduating this year (you saw her sister Abby a few weeks ago). She's been with her boyfriend Joe for nearly five years now, so it was about time that I was able to photograph them.
We were originally going to shoot at the Sculpture Park in Roseville, but when the rain started coming down, we switched to Vernon Street. Starting off with Tower Theater helped shield these two from the rain. Me? I didn't mind getting wet at all :)Love this one! Super fun colors of the building plus a super fabulous couple. What more can a photographer ask for?
Headed around the corner to my favorite teal parking garage.
Lookin' good as always!
Another super favorite! I think this was about the point where we weren't sure if the stranger was talking to me as I was standing out in the rain or to someone on his bluetooth... either way, these two rocked it out!
Although it was a fairly short session due to the rain, I had a blast working with these two! Hopefully one of these days CA will catch on that it is almost summer and give me some nice weather to work with!

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