Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March of Dimes Special April 1st-24th

March for Dimes is an organization that I find very important and deeply support. The purpose of the organization is to raise money to research and support moms to have healthy, full term pregnancies and eliminate complications with premature births. Working my time in a commercial portrait studio, I saw plenty of babies come in and out day after day, and some were even affected by being born premature or with health problems.
Where do you come in?
On April 24th, I have decided to march for babies, along side one of my close friends. Between the two of us, we have made our team and have begun to raise money. Donations have been slim, so I want to make this a win/win situation for both the March of Dimes foundation, as well as you. If you make a donation of $10 to March of Dimes via my account, you will receive a FREE session, along with a disk of 15-20 images from the session. This can be a session of an individual, couple, pets, a group of friends, or even a family group of 6. Every little bit helps, and perhaps if a large amount participate in this offer, I will even do a raffle drawing at the end for a free item involving the photos from your session. None of the profits made from this session will go to myself. It will 100% be sent to the March of Dimes Foundation.
Important Notices:
The donation must be made via My Account. Every time someone donates, it emails me and tells me the name - it is also important to note your ACTUAL name so i know who to keep in contact with.
This offer runs from now until April 23, the day before the walk in sacramento. It is not mandatory to schedule the session for the specific day you donate. Once your donation is made, you can email me at to set the date for your sitting. You can schedule your session from April 1st through to May 8th, depending on availability. Weekends work fantastically (wink wink)
I hope for a good turn out, and please help out those babies :)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

prom 2010

ok, i must start by saying WHEN did my brother become old enough to go to prom?! i swear that i JUST had my junior prom like, a month ago! haha. anyways, as usual with the band kids (same as when i was there, same as it will be in years to come) they traveled in flocks to social outings. the two girls were from the high school colorguard, and the two boys are in the winter percussion program. we had a blast taking photos at the park before they went to dinner, and i hope they had an amazing time at dinner (olive garden... YUM) and the dance (not having to wait in line for ONE photo like i had to my junior year). Here is a fun sampling of the different groupings and locations we shot around the park :)

oy. some reason blogger is being a hater, and not letting me show you all the photos... apparently its a "bad request". shame on you blogger for denying these photos.
for the time being, you can view them here on my facebook page.
or even here on my website.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

February Lorelai

last month i had the little one for a day in the park. we did some surprise-ish valentines photos for her mom & dad, plus some fun playing ones in a separate outfit. boy, i love kohls when it comes to shopping for wee one clothing. super cute, and not pricey AT all. Lisa gets these bows special made, and the one she brought just matched perfectly with her outfit. oh, and she took a definite liking to my pink holga. i thought i would NEVER get that thing back! she's my kind of girl, that's for sure. here is a sampling of photos from the day.


i admit. i'm being a terrible blogger.
i dished myself quite a full plate this semester, throwing 18 units in to my schedule plus working three days a week. amazingly, i have indeed kept up with my 365 project, which can be seen here.
i've been able to work on the steps of having my name develop in to more of a business, by facebook promotion (here) and also taking the steps to my own website, seen here.
everything is in bits and pieces for the time being, but i just wanted to let you all know i'm still out here and working hard. as well as the lovely news of i was hired to photograph a wedding in may :) you can BET you'll see a blog post then, if not before. haha.
today, i'll be photographing in the park some prom photos for my brother (oh my word. when did HE become old enough to be going to prom?!) and his date, plus their friends. I'll have my sister's birthday photos coming up within a week or so, baptism photos for my cousin bekah, and perhaps some easter photos for my lorelai. ok, so maybe i was wrong about nothing being posted between now and may :)
if you'd like to help me fill my weekends with some photographic fun, please feel free to email me at i'd love to hear from you and see what you'd be interested in having done :)