Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday Feet - May 27th, 2011

amy -"I got new shoes this week! The blue one is new. :) i'm also going to get a new bathing suit for abalone diving next week! Super excited about that too! Next week is all vacation and it's going to rock."
emily - "i hit the jackpot at our graduation party! Spun the 200 per letter on the wheel of fortune game at john's incredible pizza, winning 2400 tickets! Alas, I didn't get the 5 ticket bonus for getting the phrase correct at the end. but hey. 2400 tickets is good enough for me!"
jenny - "The feet finally remembering to show up in a picture, on their way home from jake's grad at ssu. Ive always loved the eukalyptus trees on lakeville highway..."
kasey -"Laura and my gangsta self at her super awesome casa watching red vs blue while drinking some bahama breeze. All after a tiring day of swimming. Good Saturday"

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