Saturday, April 30, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk17

This is just one photo of a post yet to come, but I figured it would be best since I didn't take my dslr with me to the march of dimes today. which you'll be getting the drawing results for tomorrow! This past easter sunday, we spent the usual time at grandma's house, eating dinner, chatting with the fam, and of course, an impromptu photo shoot. Lisa went full force making easter outfits for both bekah and lorelai this year, with everything from skirts and tops to jewelery and easter hats. Enjoy your sneak peek of bekah, while I work through some other edits, and head out to an awesome prom shoot this afternoon!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Feet - April 29th, 2011

amy - "These are my 'getting stressed' feet. I'm trying to get a group project working and it's not going so well. Ergh. I went to the dog park and unwound only to come home and stress all over again. I was also going to play softball tonight but i work instead. Sigh. School is almost over."emily - "we pulled off a successful board game night last friday evening, and had quite the raging party! started around 6:30, went a good 6ish hours of board game playing. hi five to us poor college kids finding free fun entertainment!"
jenny - "yes i do"
kasey - "Waiting at the auto registration for the 7th time thus month trying to get temporary plates for the beamer. The royal wedding is on the tv. I doubt we'll be hearing about anything else for days. Tornados and earthquakes? Evidently not as important as a prince marrying a commoner."

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jessica & Adam - Military Lovebirds

Almost a year ago, I photographed this couple's engagement photos AND their wedding within a week. 10 days later, they were off to Italy. Not for a honeymoon, but instead for Adam to be stationed with the US Navy. While there, they found out Adam would be deployed to Afghanistan, and instead of staying there, Jessica came back to California to work towards her A.A. Degree. About a week ago, Adam returned home on R&R leave for 15 days, before heading back to Afghanistan for three months. Jessica contacted me in hopes to get some photos while Adam was here, and we made it happen. We spent a sunny afternoon in Gibson Ranch getting some great shots of the two of them together before they headed off to Oregon for the weekend.LOVE this one. Probably wins the Grand Supreme title of favorite photo from this shoot. Jessi's looking gorgeous!
I mentioned it was sunny... but this just goes to show how SUPER sunny it was. These two kept rockin' it out with the sun blaring down (and the crazy geese running by)
The main part of Gibson Ranch was exactly as we remembered it from our 4th grade pioneer trek days (except smaller... I may just have grown a bit since i was 9...). What I didn't remember was this little area to the side with soccer fields, and these excellent wooden bridges!
We seriously stalked this dock, waiting for the fishermen to be done. We snagged it JUST in time before the flood of birds started passing by in order to steal some food from some other people there that day.
Now that it is officially re-opened, I cannot wait to use Gibson Ranch as a location to shoot again. So many opportunities to use that we didn't even get to during this shoot. I'm so glad I was able to meet up with Jessi & Adam that day, and help capture a few photos of them before he heads back over seas.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monica & James - Engagements

Back in January I ran my first blog contest, with no clue at all how it would turn out. I posted on facebook and craigslist, both linking back to a blog post about a free engagement session contest. In the end, I only received three entries in to the contest - it would have been two if i hadn't made Amy enter as well! After a trip to, this super awesome couple was the winning number! We met a few weeks ago at the UC Davis Artboretum, and after starting off as complete strangers, I left feeling like I had known Monica & James for years! They brought along their dog Ellie as well, which made the session that much more personal for them!
James is currently already teaching High School, while Monica is working towards getting her credentials to teach Middle School. As a dance instructor myself, I admire their passion for teaching, and just KNOW their students will have a blast with them.
Love this next shot! Quite possibly a favorite!
At this point, I had to get some good laughs from them, so I brought up the little things that Monica has emailed me about. She was wearing a bright green track suit the day they met, and she was even on this past season of Winter Wipeout. She definitely got a kick out of my memory skills ;)
The Arboretum was HUGE, giving us so much variety to work with in one little area. Definitely worth the drive to shoot there, or even just for a picnic with the family.
So after this shot, I've totally decided I'm going to hire these two to teach a class on perfecting "the dip" for all my future clients. Seriously though, can you tell they are gushing with love for each other? Their wedding day is going to be fabulous!
Monica & James-
Thank you SO much for being brave enough to enter my first blog contest ever! I hope you had as much fun as I did on our day shooting in the Arboretum. I wish you luck for your wedding day on your own personal mountain, as well as your years together to come. I'll always remember your stories of Bear Punching, Road Trip photos, and your silly dog Ellie :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesday - Katlynn

I would have to say that Katlynn wins the award for the ballerina who absorbed the most water during her photo shoot. When we started shooting, it was pretty much a light sprinkle, but by the time we were wrapping up, it's safe to say that it was pretty much a down pour. Between each shot, i had to clear the water droplets from my lens as quick as i could so that neither of us would end up freezing for too long. This was also the shoot where i didn't have an exact location where i wanted to shoot. Kat hopped in my car, and on we drove down 16th street until i found something i liked. She was a breeze to work with, giving me so many options to work with for poses. Even being daring enough to try some leaps. Gotta love that dedication!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk16

So I admit, this photo is from a week ago, but today is a very important day to post it. It will all make sense in a second. Two years ago, I wasn't even blogging. Two years ago, I wasn't even sure exactly where I wanted to go with my photography. Two years ago today, one of my best friends married the man of her dreams. Also two years ago today, I photographed my first wedding ever, and quite possibly found my calling that very day. Don was to be stationed in Germany, and Kasey couldn't imagine her life without him. April 23rd, they were married in Auburn, CA with their closest family members present. I'm still so honored and excited that Kasey asked me to be there as a friend, as well as her photographer. Fast forward to now.
With my recent trip to WPPI a few months ago, I have been DYING to test out products. I sneakily asked Kasey to select her favorite image from the wedding, without saying anything more than that. I thought i had ordered her a 16x20 canvas... instead I apparently ordered her a 24x36. Once it came last week, I was ecstatic! My only problem was that there was not a single wall in our house that I could hang it on in order to photograph it. Yes, it is hanging outside on the clothesline... because that is how I roll :) Kasey & Don received their canvas yesterday, and I got a very excited response from her when she did (as well as photos of it hanging on their bedroom wall in Germany already). I hope you had an excellent two year anniversary!
On that note, if you are interested in a canvas from a previous session, or even a session to come, let's talk! I will also be trying out a whole bunch more new products as I find things I just love. I'm looking through album options, so that will probably be the next one to come!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Feet - April 22nd, 2011

amy - "Hanging with my fiance while watching bones. Went to a volunteer appreciation banquet tonight and got a silver pin that says 200 hours on it! It was the highlight of my week"
emily - "oh the strange things you find when having portraits taken down on the train tracks in loomis... and this was the lesser of the creepy things ariana and i found!"
jenny - "Here my feet are drowning in some hw after a lovely dinner cooked by the bf. At least today was warm enough for a sundress"
kasey - "Friday before my 2nd Anniversary. (YAY). Sitting at the desk watching Family Guy on Hulu. And Yes, that IS Dwayne Johnson making Peter and Louis dolls go Giggity. (Giggity). My poor, possibly badly sprained, if not broken, toe is getting better, though the bruise keeps spreading. Also on my desk are the books & Xbox game I borrowed from Laura, my Flintstones Chewies and my Cosmo! I got a sweet setup ♥"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesday - Karen

The day before my photoshoot with Karen, I was driving through Roseville and happened past the Galleria Mall. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of those little carnivals in the parking lot, and had instant inspiration. Since at the moment we only have half a mall, i've really found no want or desire to go there, but today, i knew i had to. I made my way down to the concierge desk, and asked how long the parking lot would be that way. "Through tomorrow evening," she said. Excellent. I knew that was where my starting point with Karen would be, and I am SO happy with how they turned out!
Karen is another girl who i've seen grow up through the years, and her sister Kelly was also in my dance class for YEARS. A recent high school graduate, and a fellow CSUS student, she was happy to take time out of her busy schedule to help me out. Through the wind she rocked it out, and we had a blast! This photo actually makes me crave state fair time this year. Wonder how many people i could get for a photo shoot there! Thanks again Karen!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk15

not a whole lot going on here this week, between school and teaching classes. spring has sprung, and it seems that there are some monsters growing in the grass outside. hope everyone has an excellent weekend!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Feet - April 15th, 2011

amy - "Ellie and i are being lazy when there are things to be done. My week has been full of getting lots done, but it never feels like enough. There is always more."
emily - "after a quick stop at the post office, gigantic box is on it's way to germany! i hope they're as in love with their surprise as i am :)"
jenny -"Here are my feet. They're beating david at boggle in the union. Good ol carpet mountain!"
kasey - "Went downtown for some shopping. Decided to get a foot shot. Looks like I'm stomping on the cathedral. Rahr! Godzilla!!!"

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dallas & Kaelynn - Children Portraits

It was a few days before my March of Dimes raffle kick off, and i realized i had items to showcase, but absolutely NO photos to go with them! I posted a shout out on facebook looking for little models, and didn't get much of a turn out, so I shot a message off to a friend from elementary school. She was thrilled with the idea, and we made plans to meet on thursday afternoon, the day before the raffle kick off, and have some fun! Her two oldest kiddos fit the role i needed just PERFECTLY, and well... you'll just see how adorable they are yourself!
Kaelynn was simply adorable, with even her nails painted to match the purple theme of the shoot. and once i pulled out the purple "whirly pop" i had purchased for the shoot, she was in heaven!Dallas and i got along, once i pulled out my two secret weapons. i have a "baby buzz" (as lorelai calls it) keychain on my wallet that worked for an excellent hide and seek game. as well, i once downloaded a ringtone that would said "to infinity, and BEYOND" every time i got a text message... that idea lasted about a day for me before i started going crazy, but the kids love it!
The balloons... oh how i love the balloons. i feel like they just tied everything together so perfectly, and both Dallas & Kaelynn had fun with them!
We ended the session with a race. Kaelynn had the elements working against her, by being the little sister AND having to run with balloons in the wind. They did an EXCELLENT job, and i'm SO happy with how everything turned out!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mike & Laurel - Lovebirds - Part 2

last week you saw Mike & Laurel's shots from in the Griffith Rock Quarry. After we did those images, we headed to downtown Loomis to get a few more before calling it a day. We walked around town, finding some great brick walls and such, and then headed to the train tracks for a few more. Again, LOVED working with these two, and hope they have an excellent time planning their New Year's Eve wedding!yes, i'm finding a strong love for incorporating train tracks in to my shots. they work so well creating varying levels such as this. and doesn't Laurel just look FIERCE? Mike has been working on his suave James Bond look, and i'm sure you'll see him saving the world in tuxedos on a regular basis in no time.
our town is FULL of these random benches, and i'm so glad they put one in front of this excellent brick wall. LOVE this shot! Don't they just look adorable together?
i think after spending the afternoon with these two, i'm going to go buy me some fabulous scarves and plain shirts, just so i can try to look half as classy as Laurel :) I absolutely love working with couples in general, but these two helped me love my job just that much more!
Fun Fact: If you're in to all aspects of wedding planning and photography like i am, check out Laurel's blog titled "This Sweet Life." It was started back in October before they got engaged, and she finds some of the cutest little things to post! I'm SO hoping we get to blog follow her as they plan their wedding together this year!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesday - Katie & Kristin

10 weeks of ballerinas already? usually when it comes to photo classes, i'm dragging my feet along, and as soon as midterm hits, i'm kicking in to high gear to get my a game on and heading in for final portfolio. amazingly, this semester, i have been WAY on top of my shooting. which has made me almost feel more excited to spend my weekends photographing ballerinas back to back. like i said in the last two posts, these girls were SO much fun to work with. their pose ideas together were awesome! i loved how they totally turned memorial auditorium in to the backdrop for their "performance" bouncing ideas off each other left and right. if one couldn't get a pose just right, the other would try and then throw ideas back. probably my easiest and least directed shoot YET. great job girls. i hope you had a blast as well!

Monday, April 11, 2011

It's in the Mail

Somewhere in the mix of car repairs, graduation announcement making, dance class teaching, and phineas & ferb macaroni eating (because character shapes taste WAY better than elbow noodles), i was actually able to make it to the post office! Wanted to show off the goodies that are on their way to Monica & James, from my most recent engagement session! LOVE these great cd cases i found, and of course, couldn't forget their m&ms!
happy monday, everyone!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk14

about two months ago now, i posted a facebook status right after i had gotten home from WPPI about my new found inspiration coming from the m&m store on the vegas strip. finally, almost two months later, everything came together, and i got these put together to give to clients! Even though i couldn't get the EXACT color to match my obsession called my kelly moore camera bag, i'm SO happy with how they turned out, and i can't wait to hear what people think! have a session with me, and you'll receive a little bag of your own to enjoy when you receive your final images :)

Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Feet - April 8th, 2011

amy -"It has been such beautiful weather, minus the wind, and today, a high of 44 and snow. So I had to once again break out my snow boots and snow jacket for school this morning. At least hardly any stuck!"
emily - "busy sunday with an interview in the morning, and an excellent engagement shoot in the UC Davis arboretum. got to wear my new shoes, but it was a terrible idea... 2 hours of walking = not good on the back of the heels"
jenny - "sucking at pool for ariana's bday in one of their favorite pairs of shoes"
kasey - "This was taken last Saturday after cleaning the house before Don returned from his visit to the States. It was such a beautiful day and Papa and I went outside to play. He dropped his ball at my feet, laid down, and tossed his head back in what I think was a laugh."

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Josh - Class of 2011

this may, i will get my bachelor's degree in photography, which will lead to this june being five years since i graduated high school. to top all that off, mixed with the reminder from a friend of mine that we're getting OLD, my little brother is graduating high school. WHAAAAT? now i might be getting older, but when did HE become 18 and graduating high school? so with that said, a few weekends ago i did his senior portraits around town before the rain snuck in for the weekend, and i put him to work. first up, cat wrangling.
seriously, Josh's cat Velcro was being a serious diva that day... i'm amazed we got ANYTHING with both of them looking. Of course, the one my dad "picked" had a very angry looking cat, ears back, eyes slit. oh what a happy looking graduation announcement!
gotta love having a huge wide open field next door to the house. and it is actually green now thanks to the rain! for past shoots, it has been very dead looking. i guess Josh just wanted to claim it as his photo background first for the start of the season.
my mom referred to this as the "little boy blue come blow your horn" shot. there was a definite need to bring SOMETHING musical in to the session. Josh has been marching in the mellophone section every fall since his freshman year at Del Oro. On top of that, he has played french horn in the concert season, synthesizer & vibes in the winter percussion program, as well as piano & trombone in jazz band. unfortunately, that might have taken a large truck to haul all that
we'll have to wait and see if all his musical experience pays off as he begins his first semester at sierra college in the fall, but if not, i know he's got some "tech" in him, as well as the ability to video performances and possibly edit. who knows, maybe one day there with be a videography side to freeze frame, and Josh will be your man for the job!