Thursday, August 2, 2012

Erika & Matt - Love the Dress - Old Sugar Mill, Clarksburg, CA

It's always an exciting day when I get to photograph some of the people in my life i've known for a long time.  Friends from middle school, elementary school, cousins & siblings have all jumped on that list, and each time it has been incredibly awesome to photograph them.  When Erika & Matt got engaged, I may have just pleaded with her to let me photograph them at some point after the wedding, just for the fun of it.  Well, she said yes!  They were married at a country club, so when we did their "Love the Dress" session, we went for something totally opposite and headed out to the Old Sugar Mill on their one month wedding anniversary for some amazing brick buildings to use as the backdrop for these photos.  Let me just say, photographing my best friend for the second time was just as fun as the first, and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  We had a fantastic time despite the crazy July heat, and I am having such a hard time deciding which images I want to use for studio samples.  I love them all!
These next ones... I know they are super simaler... but I just couldn't decide!
We slipped around to a little inside area to get some variation of the brick and surrounding, and it's when we did these that I truly saw how great Matt's green shirt looked with Erika's dress and the brick. Good call, Matt. Good call :)
Heading back to the car, we stopped out in front of the small office building and did a few more of the two of them together. Then saw the vineyard across the road, realizing we NEEDED to make use of those vines. And boy, were they useful!
Erika's dress was perfect. For the wedding day, for the love the dress session, for everything. She truly found the PERFECT dress to make her look and feel fabulous
Working with these two again made me realize how much I love it when my clients become friends to me. Of course, this way was backwards, but it's just as fun! I love having the great connection with them, and being able to laugh and have a great time to make everything a lot more relaxed and stress free. I cannot wait to watch these two grow as a couple, and eventually in to a family. I can pretty much guarantee you'll see a lot more of them on the blog in the coming years when they start planning a family. Thanks again, Erika & Matt for going along and be willing to dress up again for one more day. You guys rocked it out!