Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Paige & Eric's Old Sacramento Engagement Session - Sacramento, CA

Back in June, I had my Summer Lovin' Giveaway, and this super adorable couple was the winner!  I met Paige & Eric face to face on the day of our engagement shoot, and they were as cute as could be.  These two met in college down at Santa Barbara in a dance class.  Obviously, when I heard that, I knew we were meant to work together!  Watching these two interact throughout the session was so much fun, and boy were they photogenic even through the heat.  I'm sure I told them they were "perfect" & "adorable" a million times, as well as that everything looked "awesome."  I've teased their friends & family over facebook through the sneak peeks over the last few weeks, and now FINALLY, here is a blog post full of their adorableness.
The way Eric would look at Paige anytime he got a chance just melted my heart.  You could feel the love between these two from miles away.
These next two sets are quite similar... but I love them all so much I just couldn't choose which one to not post!
I just love the variety we were able to get out of using Old Sacramento as our shooting location. We had a little bit of nature, followed up by trains, rustic & urban all within walking distance. Love, love, LOVE it!
This next one is by far a FAVORITE. So much lovey perfection right here :)
Eric mentioned wanting to do a dipping photo, because it was "their thing" so yeah, I HAD to let them dip.  And what's more romantic than taking a moment to dance in the middle of the street?
And then after that the dipping had to happen again... and again... and again... Not only was it "their thing" but they were total pros at it!  I should have brought some music to have them actually dance to :)
Oh Paige. You have such a classy look to you! Eric is one lucky fella. And I'm still SO in love with that necklace!
We ended our day with one last dip in front of these fantastic train doors by the Railroad Museum. It was such a perfect evening working with these two.
I can't even begin to thank these two for taking the time to enter in my little giveaway and being as awesome as they were with planning this shoot!  I wish you both the best on the rest of your wedding planning process.  If you need anything at all, please don't hesitate to ask!  Paige & Eric, you two are super adorable, and I hope you had as much fun as I did :)