Sunday, May 1, 2011

March of Dimes 2011 Donation Raffle - Winners!

The time has come to pull the names for the 2011 March of Dimes Donation Raffle! We took in a whole $293 to the cause, and couldn't have asked for more of our donors! The fabulous prizes can be seen HERE, and I went ahead and drew the names in order of the prize listing. The winner have the option to "play" and keep their prize, or "pass" and offer it up to be drawn again. If a prize is not claimed, It will also be drawn for again. So without further aideu, here are the winners:
Banana CheriƩ Sugar Plum Petti Skirt: P. Goforth
Purple Sparkle and Shine Headband:
T. Mata
Little Mister Purple Tie:
S. Collier
Freeze Frame Photo Collection:
C. FieldAnd because every post is not complete without a photo, here is one of our snapshots from pre-walk! Our team thanks you for your support! We'll be at it again, planning up some fun for next year!


  1. I want to walk with you guys next year!! Maybe I won't be shooting a wedding the same day this time!

  2. i so hope you can walk with us!
    maybe it won't be UBER windy as well... THAT was insane!

  3. Your arm looks ten miles long