Thursday, March 24, 2011

Josh & Holly - Jr. Prom 2011

it was the last corsage in the store, and it was perfection. white roses, black ribbon, glitter out the wazoo, she had to have it. i might have been convinced i wanted it more for myself, but can you blame me? i haven't been to prom since 2006, and finding out my brother had a "date" to prom, it had to happen. Josh & Holly have been friends since they met freshman year through del oro's marching band, and they have now fought their way to senior status. from what i've heard, prom was the talk of the table a few weeks ago at a winter competition for the colorguard/percussion programs. Holly was asked if she was going to prom, and if she had a "hot date." what she answered, and what others heard could potentially be two different things. she might have asked Josh if he was going to prom, and he might have interpreted it as asking if he would go with her. the answer was a simple "okay" to whatever the question may have been. we spent the early part of the evening shooting a few photos outside the blue goose in loomis before they headed off to dinner at the macaroni grille. and i might have requested some bread to be snuck home, and Josh might have interpreted it as i expect him to buy two dinners and bring me home one. either way, the answer was a simple "okay" ;)we were shooting outside, in the cold, wind and rain. "Joe" from Del Oro's Rugby club offered for us to go inside and shoot around in there. of course we took full advantage! unfortunately, the gate to the upper level was locked, and i couldn't convince Holly to climb the gate in her dress, so we used these awesome steps leading up to it and shot case you don't believe me... here is proof of how windy it seriously was. or you can just be amazed by my tie posing :)and these next two i used the excuse "okay, we need some for the moms!" when really, i just wanted a picture of holly by herself in her dress. gorgeous! alright, i'll say it. Josh cleans up pretty well himself!
hope you too had a fabulous time at dinner & prom (hey, getting in for free as seniors, it might as well be fabulous!) and when its time for senior ball, you'll know where to find me! maybe it won't be windy, rainy & cold that day.

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  1. the real question is whether he brought you back anything.....