Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lorelai & Kent - Children's Portraits

I am obligated by contract to state that these are two of the cutest kids that i am genetically related to within a 2 hour radius. Okay, maybe not by contract, but seriously. how can you not find two little faces such as these adorable as all get up? These are FAR overdue, as Lorelai is nearly two months past her third birthday, and sooner than i know it, i'll be photographing Kent's 6 month photos! i've already started informing him he needs to work on his sitting up skills for those. Not totally sure he understood the importance of that though! without further adieu, here are the kidlets!yet again, lisa must be showing her crafty-ness all over the photo shoot, no matter the degree. she made both lorelai's hair pieces this time around. super cute? i think so. my claim to fame for accessorizing are those cute little pink hi-tops lorelai is sporting.
and who doesn't love a handsomely dressed little fellow? lisa strikes again, with her color coordination. she even bought her husband a "daddy" sized tie that goes with kent's, and crafted herself a necklace to coordinate with lorelai's purple flower headband.
oh little baby hands. so tiny and cute. but look at those big blue eyes! i think lisa's going to have a future heart breaker on her hands!

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