Thursday, April 7, 2011

Josh - Class of 2011

this may, i will get my bachelor's degree in photography, which will lead to this june being five years since i graduated high school. to top all that off, mixed with the reminder from a friend of mine that we're getting OLD, my little brother is graduating high school. WHAAAAT? now i might be getting older, but when did HE become 18 and graduating high school? so with that said, a few weekends ago i did his senior portraits around town before the rain snuck in for the weekend, and i put him to work. first up, cat wrangling.
seriously, Josh's cat Velcro was being a serious diva that day... i'm amazed we got ANYTHING with both of them looking. Of course, the one my dad "picked" had a very angry looking cat, ears back, eyes slit. oh what a happy looking graduation announcement!
gotta love having a huge wide open field next door to the house. and it is actually green now thanks to the rain! for past shoots, it has been very dead looking. i guess Josh just wanted to claim it as his photo background first for the start of the season.
my mom referred to this as the "little boy blue come blow your horn" shot. there was a definite need to bring SOMETHING musical in to the session. Josh has been marching in the mellophone section every fall since his freshman year at Del Oro. On top of that, he has played french horn in the concert season, synthesizer & vibes in the winter percussion program, as well as piano & trombone in jazz band. unfortunately, that might have taken a large truck to haul all that
we'll have to wait and see if all his musical experience pays off as he begins his first semester at sierra college in the fall, but if not, i know he's got some "tech" in him, as well as the ability to video performances and possibly edit. who knows, maybe one day there with be a videography side to freeze frame, and Josh will be your man for the job!

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