Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Feet - April 29th, 2011

amy - "These are my 'getting stressed' feet. I'm trying to get a group project working and it's not going so well. Ergh. I went to the dog park and unwound only to come home and stress all over again. I was also going to play softball tonight but i work instead. Sigh. School is almost over."emily - "we pulled off a successful board game night last friday evening, and had quite the raging party! started around 6:30, went a good 6ish hours of board game playing. hi five to us poor college kids finding free fun entertainment!"
jenny - "yes i do"
kasey - "Waiting at the auto registration for the 7th time thus month trying to get temporary plates for the beamer. The royal wedding is on the tv. I doubt we'll be hearing about anything else for days. Tornados and earthquakes? Evidently not as important as a prince marrying a commoner."

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