Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Valentine's Day Contest 2011

Well, with the holiday season just past us and the new year just beginning, i figured it would be time to hit the ground running! What better to kick the year off with than a free engagement session? Over the holidays, i watched my facebook nearly explode with the amount of people changing their status from "in a relationship" to "engaged" and all the excitement began to swell. of course, being me, i HAD to get excited when one of the engaged was one of my girls that i've known since FOREVER (shout out to you, elyse!) and of course, my favorite amy who's feet you get to see weekly :) with all the new plans in store for all these lovely couples starting out on the journey to the rest of their lives, i figured i'd give them an opportunity to boost them along! so here are the details:who can enter: anyone that is engaged by february 14th, 2011
if you're planning to propose by then, send me an email! i'm an excellent secret keeper :)
how to enter: send me an email ( with the following filled out
your name:
your fiance's name:
how you met your fiance:
date you proposed:
how you proposed:
when you plan to get hitched:
and because i love silly questions, here are two for you to fill in the blank:
(fiance's name) & i are like:
when i think of (fiance's name) i feel:
see? easy as pie! all you have to do is shoot me an email with those questions filled out, i'll make a list in order of the emails i receive, and come february 15th, we'll have a winner! even if you aren't pulled for the engagement session prize, anyone that enters will win a special prize in the end. can't wait to hear from everyone! and don't forget to become a fan at

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