Friday, April 1, 2011

Friday Feet - April 1st, 2011

how crazy. this is our 30th feet post! just 22 away, and we will hit the goal of one year. i thought about doing something "silly" since today is april fool's day... but my thoughts were never verbalized to the rest of my comrads. so here are our feet, with no crazy antics. just another week :)
- "We're dog sitting my future parent-in-laws 4 dogs. They are all very sweet and get along great with all of the other animals in the house. From right to left, it's Arrow the beagle, Tank the Miniature Dachshund, Smith the Border Collie mix, and Wesson, Smith's brother. And of course my dogs Ellie and Rue. If only I could have gotten Turbo to behave.... We are also enjoying this BEAUTIFUL weather!! "
emily - "last weekend a friend of mine from work, chris & i headed out to the sacramento ballet performance of icons & innovators. this was just moments before my life was threatened by the door guard, being informed that absolutely NO photography was allowed. oh well. i'm a rule breaker"
jenny - "here are my feet....enjoying weather that actually feels like springtime. the flowers are finally out too!"kasey - "Drove to ramstein air base today for some girl clothes that don't scream jail bait, as that's all our crappy army base sells. These feet were taken once safely home (and parked, no worries). Yay for road trips!"

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