Saturday, April 2, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk13

this week has been a week of celebrations. starting off with tuesday, my "little" sister turned the big one-five... and my mom already made the mention of drivers ed. what is this nonsense?! doesn't she know she has to perfect the art of lawn mower driving first? this same girl brought home enough sweets from her plethora of band friends to put someone in to a sugar coma. no really, there is this cake... with chocolate chip cookie layers... it needs to go away so i stop eating it.
yesterday was the big kick off for my march of dimes giveaway raffle this year, and i couldn't of asked for a better start to it! Shout out to my elementary school friend Amber for meeting up with me on thursday with 2 of her 4 kiddos to help with the purple photo shoot to create the awesome product images you saw. Couldn't have done it without your willingness. Thanks to the incredible parents of the girlies i teach on fridays, i raised $27 just on the first day! I'm very excited for this month's donation collection, and i hope to surpass my personal goal of $250 in order to help raise money for babies yet to come.
all day today is the winter championships, hosted again by Del Oro (last time was my senior year of high school). In a way, it's a celebration of how far the winter percussion and winter guard have each come this season, as well as a final celebration for the seniors to reflect on their journey over the past four years. I wish you all luck, and i'll try not to sneak one of those trophies home with me. I mean come on, can you blame me for trying? i'm on it... literally!

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