Friday, April 22, 2011

Friday Feet - April 22nd, 2011

amy - "Hanging with my fiance while watching bones. Went to a volunteer appreciation banquet tonight and got a silver pin that says 200 hours on it! It was the highlight of my week"
emily - "oh the strange things you find when having portraits taken down on the train tracks in loomis... and this was the lesser of the creepy things ariana and i found!"
jenny - "Here my feet are drowning in some hw after a lovely dinner cooked by the bf. At least today was warm enough for a sundress"
kasey - "Friday before my 2nd Anniversary. (YAY). Sitting at the desk watching Family Guy on Hulu. And Yes, that IS Dwayne Johnson making Peter and Louis dolls go Giggity. (Giggity). My poor, possibly badly sprained, if not broken, toe is getting better, though the bruise keeps spreading. Also on my desk are the books & Xbox game I borrowed from Laura, my Flintstones Chewies and my Cosmo! I got a sweet setup ♥"

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