Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mike & Laurel - Lovebirds - Part 1

Every girl dreams of where or how they are going to get engaged. Perhaps Laurel's dream was to get engaged in Disneyland. Who knows? But for one thing, that is exactly where Mike told her that he was NOT going to propose... and she believed him.
This was not meant to be an engagement shoot. Our spring breaks lined up, and so I messaged Laurel and asked if they would be down to do some couples posing for me so i could practice and build my portfolio. She replied with a big YES and informed me of their Disneyland trip for the weekend, and when they would be back. We planned for the following tuesday, and that was that. 4 hours before the shoot came a facebook update. "we're engaged!!" posted Laurel, with a gorgeous ring picture attached to the message. I'm sure the general audience was in like mind with me thinking, "well, it's about TIME!"
We started off at the Griffith Rock Quarry in Penryn to get some outdoorsy shots. The last time I shot there, it was rather dead and brown, so having this amazing couple surrounded with green EVERYWHERE... it made my day :)
oh i love this one... Mike posted a picture of his shirt that he's wearing in this photos on facebook, and i said he MUST bring it to the shoot. and he did. They regularly frequent the land of Disney, so its very appropriate for the two of them :)
i just love polaroid shots, and i think it excited Laurel that they got to take these home the SAME day! she mentioned looking to put them on their wall... i hope you found some cute frames girl!
i dragged this chair from my kitchen to use, and i just LOVE this next shot. i used to hate involving props in photo, thanks to my old job, but now i feel like i'm finding ways to use them to enhance and personalize images in ways that weren't possibly with just an individual alone. of course, i can also vision the two of them in their wedding attire in this next photo as well... they're both going to look STUNNING on their big day.
Thank you guys so much for hiking around the rock quarry with me on the ONLY sunny day over spring break. You two were excellent, as always. Can't wait to hear more of your wedding plans as they come together :)

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