Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dallas & Kaelynn - Children Portraits

It was a few days before my March of Dimes raffle kick off, and i realized i had items to showcase, but absolutely NO photos to go with them! I posted a shout out on facebook looking for little models, and didn't get much of a turn out, so I shot a message off to a friend from elementary school. She was thrilled with the idea, and we made plans to meet on thursday afternoon, the day before the raffle kick off, and have some fun! Her two oldest kiddos fit the role i needed just PERFECTLY, and well... you'll just see how adorable they are yourself!
Kaelynn was simply adorable, with even her nails painted to match the purple theme of the shoot. and once i pulled out the purple "whirly pop" i had purchased for the shoot, she was in heaven!Dallas and i got along, once i pulled out my two secret weapons. i have a "baby buzz" (as lorelai calls it) keychain on my wallet that worked for an excellent hide and seek game. as well, i once downloaded a ringtone that would said "to infinity, and BEYOND" every time i got a text message... that idea lasted about a day for me before i started going crazy, but the kids love it!
The balloons... oh how i love the balloons. i feel like they just tied everything together so perfectly, and both Dallas & Kaelynn had fun with them!
We ended the session with a race. Kaelynn had the elements working against her, by being the little sister AND having to run with balloons in the wind. They did an EXCELLENT job, and i'm SO happy with how everything turned out!

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