Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesday - Katie & Kristin

10 weeks of ballerinas already? usually when it comes to photo classes, i'm dragging my feet along, and as soon as midterm hits, i'm kicking in to high gear to get my a game on and heading in for final portfolio. amazingly, this semester, i have been WAY on top of my shooting. which has made me almost feel more excited to spend my weekends photographing ballerinas back to back. like i said in the last two posts, these girls were SO much fun to work with. their pose ideas together were awesome! i loved how they totally turned memorial auditorium in to the backdrop for their "performance" bouncing ideas off each other left and right. if one couldn't get a pose just right, the other would try and then throw ideas back. probably my easiest and least directed shoot YET. great job girls. i hope you had a blast as well!

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