Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Monica & James - Engagements

Back in January I ran my first blog contest, with no clue at all how it would turn out. I posted on facebook and craigslist, both linking back to a blog post about a free engagement session contest. In the end, I only received three entries in to the contest - it would have been two if i hadn't made Amy enter as well! After a trip to, this super awesome couple was the winning number! We met a few weeks ago at the UC Davis Artboretum, and after starting off as complete strangers, I left feeling like I had known Monica & James for years! They brought along their dog Ellie as well, which made the session that much more personal for them!
James is currently already teaching High School, while Monica is working towards getting her credentials to teach Middle School. As a dance instructor myself, I admire their passion for teaching, and just KNOW their students will have a blast with them.
Love this next shot! Quite possibly a favorite!
At this point, I had to get some good laughs from them, so I brought up the little things that Monica has emailed me about. She was wearing a bright green track suit the day they met, and she was even on this past season of Winter Wipeout. She definitely got a kick out of my memory skills ;)
The Arboretum was HUGE, giving us so much variety to work with in one little area. Definitely worth the drive to shoot there, or even just for a picnic with the family.
So after this shot, I've totally decided I'm going to hire these two to teach a class on perfecting "the dip" for all my future clients. Seriously though, can you tell they are gushing with love for each other? Their wedding day is going to be fabulous!
Monica & James-
Thank you SO much for being brave enough to enter my first blog contest ever! I hope you had as much fun as I did on our day shooting in the Arboretum. I wish you luck for your wedding day on your own personal mountain, as well as your years together to come. I'll always remember your stories of Bear Punching, Road Trip photos, and your silly dog Ellie :)

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