Saturday, April 23, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk16

So I admit, this photo is from a week ago, but today is a very important day to post it. It will all make sense in a second. Two years ago, I wasn't even blogging. Two years ago, I wasn't even sure exactly where I wanted to go with my photography. Two years ago today, one of my best friends married the man of her dreams. Also two years ago today, I photographed my first wedding ever, and quite possibly found my calling that very day. Don was to be stationed in Germany, and Kasey couldn't imagine her life without him. April 23rd, they were married in Auburn, CA with their closest family members present. I'm still so honored and excited that Kasey asked me to be there as a friend, as well as her photographer. Fast forward to now.
With my recent trip to WPPI a few months ago, I have been DYING to test out products. I sneakily asked Kasey to select her favorite image from the wedding, without saying anything more than that. I thought i had ordered her a 16x20 canvas... instead I apparently ordered her a 24x36. Once it came last week, I was ecstatic! My only problem was that there was not a single wall in our house that I could hang it on in order to photograph it. Yes, it is hanging outside on the clothesline... because that is how I roll :) Kasey & Don received their canvas yesterday, and I got a very excited response from her when she did (as well as photos of it hanging on their bedroom wall in Germany already). I hope you had an excellent two year anniversary!
On that note, if you are interested in a canvas from a previous session, or even a session to come, let's talk! I will also be trying out a whole bunch more new products as I find things I just love. I'm looking through album options, so that will probably be the next one to come!

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