Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mike & Laurel - Lovebirds - Part 2

last week you saw Mike & Laurel's shots from in the Griffith Rock Quarry. After we did those images, we headed to downtown Loomis to get a few more before calling it a day. We walked around town, finding some great brick walls and such, and then headed to the train tracks for a few more. Again, LOVED working with these two, and hope they have an excellent time planning their New Year's Eve wedding!yes, i'm finding a strong love for incorporating train tracks in to my shots. they work so well creating varying levels such as this. and doesn't Laurel just look FIERCE? Mike has been working on his suave James Bond look, and i'm sure you'll see him saving the world in tuxedos on a regular basis in no time.
our town is FULL of these random benches, and i'm so glad they put one in front of this excellent brick wall. LOVE this shot! Don't they just look adorable together?
i think after spending the afternoon with these two, i'm going to go buy me some fabulous scarves and plain shirts, just so i can try to look half as classy as Laurel :) I absolutely love working with couples in general, but these two helped me love my job just that much more!
Fun Fact: If you're in to all aspects of wedding planning and photography like i am, check out Laurel's blog titled "This Sweet Life." It was started back in October before they got engaged, and she finds some of the cutest little things to post! I'm SO hoping we get to blog follow her as they plan their wedding together this year!

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