Thursday, April 28, 2011

Jessica & Adam - Military Lovebirds

Almost a year ago, I photographed this couple's engagement photos AND their wedding within a week. 10 days later, they were off to Italy. Not for a honeymoon, but instead for Adam to be stationed with the US Navy. While there, they found out Adam would be deployed to Afghanistan, and instead of staying there, Jessica came back to California to work towards her A.A. Degree. About a week ago, Adam returned home on R&R leave for 15 days, before heading back to Afghanistan for three months. Jessica contacted me in hopes to get some photos while Adam was here, and we made it happen. We spent a sunny afternoon in Gibson Ranch getting some great shots of the two of them together before they headed off to Oregon for the weekend.LOVE this one. Probably wins the Grand Supreme title of favorite photo from this shoot. Jessi's looking gorgeous!
I mentioned it was sunny... but this just goes to show how SUPER sunny it was. These two kept rockin' it out with the sun blaring down (and the crazy geese running by)
The main part of Gibson Ranch was exactly as we remembered it from our 4th grade pioneer trek days (except smaller... I may just have grown a bit since i was 9...). What I didn't remember was this little area to the side with soccer fields, and these excellent wooden bridges!
We seriously stalked this dock, waiting for the fishermen to be done. We snagged it JUST in time before the flood of birds started passing by in order to steal some food from some other people there that day.
Now that it is officially re-opened, I cannot wait to use Gibson Ranch as a location to shoot again. So many opportunities to use that we didn't even get to during this shoot. I'm so glad I was able to meet up with Jessi & Adam that day, and help capture a few photos of them before he heads back over seas.

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