Sunday, February 20, 2011

WPPI - Sunday

Well today is the finishing up of the WPPI-U classes, and the start of my platform and master classes! As well, some potential meeting of other photographers :) So without futher delay, here is what sunday has in store for me!
8:00 - Doug Gordon - Conquer Today's Challenges. Take Control Now
9:30 - Joe McNally - The Language of Light
12:00 - Sal Cincotta - Wedding
2:00 - Jen Hillenga - Seniors/Business & Marketing
3:30 - becker - Wedding
7:00 - Sony Runway Show (hosted by Nigel Barker)
and there you have it!
after today, everything seems to slow down a bit without so many classes right after the other. tomorrow will bring some trade show excitement, and hopefully i won't come home with too many extras ;)

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