Saturday, February 5, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk5

let's make a toast to two year olds. okay, let me rephrase that. let's make toast FOR a two year old... on her last day before turning three. today was a crazy day of early mornings (yes, i consider 8:30 to be early on a saturday), crying babies, work meetings, and winterguard performances. in the middle of the little kidlet watching madness, i started to make myself some breakfast (aka, toast). the little shadow followed me in to the kitchen, and after much chatter about the magnets on the fridge, and the sun catchers in the window, she decided she wanted a piece of toast of her own. fast forward to now. past the trips outside on the deck and back in. past the watching of disney movies, and ultimate buzz lightyear dancing in spanish mode. even further past the work meeting, and the winter guard & winter percussion performances... i. am. exhausted. and tomorrow brings more life. photographing in old sac for my senior portfolio (yay!) but also writing a research paper for said senior portfolio (nay!)

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