Monday, February 21, 2011

WPPI - Monday

Its day four here in vegas, with one more left to go! Hard to believe the time has flown by already! and i can't believe on my days away from school, i've made myself have to be somewhere at 8am for 5 days in a row. UGH! oh well, it has been so worth it for this experience! So here is what monday is looking like for me!
8:00 - Natalie Fobes - Documentary
10:00 - Trade Show
4:00 - Jasmine Star - Untold Stories
8:00 - Newbie Professional Photographers Dinner (food and socializing. yay!)
Such a contrast in down time compared to the last few days. it gives me the whole time of the trade show to get lost in the rows and rows of whatever products people are offering. I hope to learn about some exciting new things, and hopefully figure out what i want to do with my camera bag situation. my back pack is awesome, don't get me wrong, but its so not wedding photography compatible!

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