Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Feet - Feb 4, 2011

wow, its february already? oh, and forewarning, you'll probably hear that the next 10 months at least... it amazes me how time flies sometimes! anyways, we're back to our footsie antics, and have quite the variety this week! with three of us back in school, we're trying to shake off the weekly "here i am at school... melting my brains away" feet... because really, that can be the feeling sometimes. so here is what we came up with this week!
amy - "Procrastinating before I have to leave to take Luke some non-skunky clothes. Turbo is procrastinating with me! She wasn't too sure about having feet so close to her princess face though. I got quite the glare before she gave me this look of 'Pet me?'"
emily - "these are my running around town, making myself official before a meeting with a client in the evening. that's right, everyone. i have officially filed for my business license, and my fictitious name statement was sent out in the mail the day after!"
jenny - "the feet played lava monster this week for the first time in ten years"
kasey - "Went to pick up the Spousal unit from work and thought 'Well Crap, its Feetsie Day.' So here are my rather happy feet in the car. Its a messy floor, thank the snow."

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