Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesdays

thats right! with the excitement of my senior portfolio building this semester, i figured it would be best to feature one of the edits from the week here on the blog. excitement is interchangable with the word "stress," right? the images shown week to week may or may not be used as the "final" in the project, but they were selected as a favorite of mine (and given the honor of being posted under this cheesy blog title). so without further aideu, here is the first one!megan and i shot in old sacramento this past sunday and had a great time wandering around and finding cool locations to shoot. From just the one block that we wandered around, there were SO many different location opportunities to shoot at. we found this awesome spot in a back alley sort of area facing this massive grassy area. we even got lucky enough to shoot inside the candy store :)
fun fact: this same spot is where megan's sister took her senior portraits. she climbed on top of her car, and on to that little ledge up top as her sister drove her car away to get the shot. oh the things we daring people do ;)

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