Saturday, February 19, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk7

honestly, i don't think i could have broken that bowl in to more pieces if i had tried. the back story starts with the week before this one... seriously ALL i ate for dinner 4 out of the 5 week nights was macaroni and cheese. Twice came from a box (ala toy story character shapes) and twice came from homemade dinner leftovers. This week, i was determined to not have a week of 4 identical meals, and so i started off with a bowl of chili and some teriyaki chicken leftovers. (no, this bowl was NOT full of chili. thank goodness). all was fine and dandy until i wanted milk (insert "if you give a mouse a cookie" feeling here). small cup hidden under big cups that i moved, came crashing down, landed in the bowl of chicken that just came out of the microwave. bowl tumbled off in slow motion, because thats how all tragic events like this happen, and crashed to the floor. serious Rube Goldberg machine effect going on here. Did i clean it up right away? no. was my first instinct to get my camera? yes. did i cut my finger on bowl shrapnel? yes. oy. so happy valentine's day to me. and mom. she got a clean kitchen floor once i put my camera down.

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