Saturday, February 19, 2011

WPPI - Saturday

So i figured since i'm out and away doing mass brain filling at WPPI these next few days, i figured i'd give you a brief run down of who i'm hearing speak, and what goodness they're sharing with me! and i figure it would help me keep everything straight if i physically laid it out in order somewhere. haha
Well, to start things off last night was the "opening ceremony" so to speak of the WPPI-U program. When i was registering for WPPI-U, i was super excited to see this special program for my kind of photographer being (aka, the "newbie" category when it comes to running a business and such) and had to sign up right away. Plus, i'll get a rockin' certificate and t-shirt. i do love t-shirts :)
anyways, back to a brief about last night.
Dane Sanders kicked it off with information about how to get the best experience out of WPPI-U, as well as the rest of our photography career. Following Dane was Jerry Ghionis, who gave us a rundown of marketing strategies and how he began his career which is going on 15 plus years now! Now, on to today's line up of what is just beginning!
WPPI-U Saturday
8:00 - Tim Meyer - Light Styling & Posing
10:00 - Jason Aten - Top 10 Things for Your First Two Years
11:00 - Craig Heidermann - Business 101: Law School for Photographers
12:00 - Lunchtime!
1:00 - Julianne Kost - Lightroom 3: Step by Step Workflow
3:00 - Scott & Adina Hayne - Creating a Successful Business out of Thin Air
4:30 - Cliff Mautner - Weddings 101: Skills for Success
busy busy saturday, but it will be so worth it!
stay tuned for "let's do 52" later on this evening!

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