Friday, February 11, 2011

Friday Feet - Feb 11, 2011

apparently this week we all decided to spend some time outdoors. well, with the exception of amy, who had a little friend come in to her feet picture that SHOULD have stayed outside. gah. i need to stop looking at it now. it gives me the CREEPS! happy friday, everybody :)
amy - "There I was, just mining my own business, when suddenly, out of the corner of my eye, I saw that I was being ATTACKED by a GIANT spider! Just kidding. He was scooting around in the school building where I do all my "waiting for class to start" waiting, and he stopped right in the middle of the floor. So I took a picture of us hanging out together. I did not squish him, but I did move to a different spot. I saw him later that day again, alive and well. I named him Will, in honor of the building he lives in."
emily - "big feet, little feet. shoe-d feet, painted feet. her last morning before she turned three was spent with me, buzz lightyear, mushu, and princess movies. oh, and her crying little brother that was probably in my left arm at this point. overall, a pretty good morning, and a kick off to a very busy saturday."jenny -"this week we have railroad feet. because really what better way to spend a beautiful sunny week?"
kasey - "During our yard work, I discovered a happy little Lady Bug chillin' on a leaf, so I took a break to snap a shot. Papa came over to see what was stealing my attention, so I have a rare shot of his feet with mine. :3 Happy Friday."

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