Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day Contest 2011 - WINNER

well, valentine's day has come and gone, and i hope everyone had a wonderful one! i spent mine teaching four little cuties at their weekly dance lesson (i'm gonna miss them next week when i'm at WPPI!) and was even lucky enough to get a stem of carnations and a hershey's kiss as a treat :) Well, of course i can be all talk about MY valentine's day, but we have a contest that has to be won. It was a small turn out, but i would say that is pretty swell for the first one! without further adieu our winner (randomized so wonderfully by random.org) is:
congratulations to monica & james! and thank you so much to both of the other entries. a little something special will be showing up in your email inboxes as well! and on this note, i can't WAIT to bring you all the excitement for the HUGE march of dimes raffle contest that is going to be put together. it will be worth the anticipation :)

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