Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesday - Becca

oh my heck... this shoot was AMAZING. i found this location from a friend of mine and declared to her that i LOVED her pictures, and i NEEDED to know where it was so i could put a ballerina in it. her "secret" place took us on a journey to the foresthill bridge (you know, the one seen in xXx?) in auburn. We started shooting on this catwalk before we moved on to the larger grafitti area (which getting to took us back to our jungle gym days) that was under the base of the bridge where it connected to the ground.
becca was SUCH a trooper... she literally had her pointe shoes on for about an hour during all this climbing that was making ME winded. she was a BLAST to photograph, and i'm SO glad we decided on this location for her! can you tell finally posting this excites me?

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