Sunday, February 13, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk6

i wanted to try my hand at a macro lens this weekend with the wedding reception we had to shoot, but didn't have the time (or thought process) to go out and rent one in order to do so. luckily, i am fortunate enough to go to a university that stashes nikon products for students to check out. once i got to dan "the man" this past tuesday, i found that the lens was already checked out! just my luck, right? well, he did have these lens attachments for me to try out, and so i said, "why not." of course, i put off figuring how to best use them until SATURDAY... aka the day we had to leave. so i plopped one of my random rings down in the window on my mom's insulator collection, and shot away. i think they worked fairly decently, so i packed them in my backpack of camera gear, and off we went. once the reception got going, and i borrowed the rings from the bride and groom, did i use the attachments... not. at. all. but i'm happy with the results! just you wait and see when i get some peeks posted :)

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