Sunday, February 27, 2011

"let's do 52" - wk8

well, it's the end of the week, which means its finally time for the vegas recap! dad and i left friday about 7am for the great voyage down CA-99 through to I-15. yep, we drove the way. we arrive in vegas just after 5 or so, scoped out where to park, and then headed to our hotel to check in. friday was the opening of WPPI-U, which unfolded in to an amazing 2 day session full of information, suggestions, and images. sunday came with classes about posing, lighting, packaging, senior portraiture & topped off with the end of [b]ecker's presentation about where he has come from, and the[b]school. topped off with some panda express, and a runway show... over all a busy and productive sunday!
with doug gordon, nigel barker & jasmine star
monday's 8am came pretty rough. morning class on documentary photography (pretty much my favorite college photo course i've taken) and then it was trade show time! from 10am when the show started to about 3pm, i lapped those rooms. collecting information and samples for labs, albums, and everything in between! i was really trying to put off buying anything until day 2 of the trade show, but after going back to the kelly moore booth three times, and texting my cousin for style validation... well, i came home with a fabulous new camera bag. made sure i saw the lions for amy's benefit, and then it was time for the ever glamorous jasmine star. really, she's a true inspiration. and committed to be my t-ball wedding photographer, but that's another story ;) j* was followed by the photo newbie group dinner, and boy was the food delicious! although, i chowed down on far too many chips before hand, half of my dinner came back to the hotel with me.
before i knew it tuesday was here, and started off with an EXCELLENT presentation by jerry ghionis. all about evoking true emotions while still posing to get the shot, and about 10 more at the same time. more trade show, followed by wandering the strip down to the m&m's store (and being photographed by [b]ecker... making me wish i had cared what shirt i wore today when getting dressed) and then one last stop to say hello again to the lions (who were sleeping). last class about wedding preparation (honestly, i probably could have done without) and then it was time to head home. we left vegas about 6pm, stopped for food & gas barlow, and then finally made it home just around 3am wednesday morning.
overall, i had a blast! i wish i had put myself out there more to meet other photographers, but i was lucky enough to run in to a few familiar faces over the 5 day span. my brain is full of information, ideas, and inspiration that i cannot wait to put in to action!

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