Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Toe Shoe Tuesday - Katelyn

if i was to guess -and i'm generally good at guessing- katelyn is probably about my height, if not SUPER close. therefore, adding another member to the super cool, super legit tall ballerina club. i met her for the first time at the start of our shoot, and she was SO much fun to work with. i've shot down on vernon street before, but having a ballerina is a totally different experience than shooting there with a bride. was it any less fun? no way! i just love the funky colors of this area, and how well the vintage-esque architecture contrasted with katelyn's simple dance ensemble. and i totally love how the date on the marquee has not been changed in months.
fun fact: we totally jerry-rigged her skirt. THAT was half the battle in itself to get it to look right on a taller ballerina. good thing us ballerinas can be crafty with bobby pins!


  1. Love it!. I really love the colors of the theater :)

  2. i loove the colors and everything about this shot!
    I just love anything vintage :)